I personally don't think it's WORTH QUEUING. Food wasn't that good. Kang kong tastes like water, the pork knuckles after waiting for like 40 minutes (we queued for like 40 mins. Then another 40 for the waiting) end up they told us that they ran out of knuckles. We ended up cancelling the rest of the food that hadn't come out as well. Definitely wont come back.

The charcoal bread was crispy and it complements the sweet-savory salted egg yolk lava within. The salted egg yolk lava was flowly. I love cutting the toast. This is because the moment you cut the toast, the lava gushed out.
Overall Rating:❤️❤️❤️❣️🖤 (3.5)
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Best pancake I've tasted so far. Strawberries were very fresh. Pancake was delicious!
Poofy Clouds with vanilla chantilly cream, maple syrup and fresh berries = perfect! ♥

2nd time to visit the place. The 1st one was way better - not to mention the very hostile and grumpy staff. We ordered grilled apple with homemade caramel and should've just sticked into ordering the mango instead. Pancake taste was bland, the only taste that i liked was the caramel. We have also ordered belle ville juice which I find too sweet for my liking and melon soda. If you would go and visit the place the mango pancake is a better choice paired with tea.

Spanish Pork Ribs 1/2 Slab. With 3 side dishes.
Delicious and Cheap!
I'm a regular customer. One of my favorite steak and rib restaurant in singapore. ❤️

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pasta was cooked in a full round giant cheese wheel partially hollowed out into a bowl, tossing it in the cheese bowl will slowly melt the layer of the cheese, and viola! The result was a nice and cheesy carbonara.

This is a highly recommended dish to order when dining here.

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Portion is big. Tastes good. Practical price.
Rating: 3.5/5

Double Patty Melt.
Chilli Cheesedog.
Chicken skin is a must try + beer 🍻 would be a great match 😁
Rating:❤️❤️❤️❣️🖤 (3.5)
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Golden toast with Condensed milk And Milo + Black Coffee Cheese drink. These 2 are my faves! I can eat 2 sets in 1 go