I think I just ate the BEST 虾酱鸡 Prawn Paste Chicken!! Not exaggerating but these mid-wings are SUPERB!! They are so flavourful, juicy as you bite on it and also evenly fried to golden crispiness! Every bite with it, you can hear crispy crunch! Comes in 3 sizes and we ordered a small portion for $8 with 8pcs.. •
👍🏼Highly recommended to all Har Cheong Gai lovers! •
📍 Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood. Located at 122 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579510

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One of my fav dish to order whenever I’m having Dim Sum! Stir-Fried to golden perfection! 💯 Generous serving of bean sprouts, eggs and spring onions! 😍 @imperialtreasuresg #imperialtreasure #imperialtreasuresg #xocarrotcake #carrotcake #dimsum

Worthy, Delicious and not too expensive for the pockets!! Everything was on point 💯⭐️👍🏼 and we couldn’t ask for more!! Favourite of all is the Crispy Tofu and Boston Lobster! Awesome! Thank you Alma for the Birthday Surprise🎂🎁! @phusionade @almabyjuanamador #almabyjuanamador #weekdaylunch #lunchmenu #3courselunch #pampering

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This is one of our favourite fishball noodles in town! If you haven’t tried it before, then You should try this! For just $5.50, the fishball noodles comes with 6 QQ fishballs in a separate bowl of soup. The noodles with Ketchup matches best with these freshly made fishballs! @phusionade @lixinfishball #lixing #lixinteochewfishballnoodle #IONOrchard #foodrepublicsg #fishballnoodles

The star of the buffet has to be the Lobster Mentaiyaki!! Wow!! Super huge lobster spread with lots of Mentaiyaki and they torched it before serving! Super tasty and mouth-watering! Others we enjoyed including their thickly sliced salmon sashimi and salmon belly, beef cubes as well as their aglio olio at their live station.. they also serve fresh yummy oysters which got @phusionade hooked! #triplethree #mandarinorchardsingapore #mandarinorchardhotel #buffet #triplethreebuffet

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Got mine with Lettuce Base, 5 basic toppings, bbq chicken for $6.50. Enjoying and indulging in a bowl of healthiness and happiness! @green_bites_salad #greenbites #greenbitessalad #salad #salads #saladbowl #honglimcomplex

They are generous with their ingredients, thick slices of fish cake, braised pork belly, 2 fried fishes and not forgetting their special Ngor Hiang that’s in round ball shape. Love the gravy that’s flavourful, thick and tasty which goes so well with everything in the bowl! Don’t forget to add some coriander leaves, freshly cut chilli, mixed garlic and vinegar for more flavours if you like! #chuanbeelormee #honglimcomplex #lormee #lormeelover

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Fragrant Pork with crushed garlic, Pork Chop Fried Rice and 2 new Dim Sum! Steamed Custard Buns 流沙包 is available at selected stores - $5.80 for 3 pcs | $2 for 1 pc!! Soft fluffy buns filled to the brim with pipping hot and flowy salted egg yolk goodness!! Those lava fillings oozes out as you bites and it satisfy our tastebuds! The yearly Steamed Chilli Crab🦀 and Pork XLB is back again, available now till 31 Aug - $7.50 for 4pcs! Those are our favourite and we can’t wait to indulge more of it before it’s gone again!! Way toooo goood, those XLB are filled with Chili crab meat, juicy pork in spicy crab based broth! Drooling now as I type this! @dintaifungsg #dintaifungsg #dintaifung #xlb #xiaolongbao #steamedcustardbun

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It’s a stand-alone shop named Wanton Noodle House that served a variety of foods, Wanton Charsiew Noodle, Wanton Noodle, Ngo Hiang, Fried Toufu! The have a worthwhile $5 set meal which includes a plate of Wanton noodle, a bowl of soup and a cup of cold/hot beverages. I enjoyed their thin noodles that’s springy and not the typical wanton mee noodles! Noodles were totally infused with the fragrant well-mixed ketchup gravy, it’s so good as it’s not too sweet, sour nor too ketchup-y. Beside their famous Wanton Mee, these Ngo Hiong were worth dying for.... it’s so mouth-watering and we are so hooked to it!! It’s like those homemade ones with crunchy bits of chestnut filled with juicy pork, well deep-fried to crispness! Its been awhile since we last enjoyed a good plate of wanton mee! Everything is so good here and we will be back to try many more! @wantonnoodlehouse #wantonnoodlehouse #wantonmee #wanton #simpangbedok #wantonmeedry

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It’s seems like it’s not totally sold out in SG, there’s still posters in stores but it’s always OOS.. 🤤 #mcdonaldsg #mcgriddles #mcgriddlesarelife #mcgriddlelife

Boon Tong Kee has come to the East! Newly open at Tampines newest mall - Century Square Basement 1, beside escalator. A single portion meal looks like this and it’s $11 min for chicken, and $1 for rice, $12++ for a pax. Rice was good and fragrant but portion is small for $1. $11 portion chicken is decent size, with a plate of drumstick and breast meat. Generous meat portion, soft and tender white chicken with lightly savoury soya sauce! I personally don’t really fancy their chilli though.. Overall, a great and satisfied meal! #boontongkee #boontongkeechickenrice #boontongkeesingapore #boontongkee文東記 #centurysquare #centurysquaresg

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Located at several outlets, we dine in at Blk 136, Bedok North Ave 3, #01-162, Singapore 460136. These are some of our favourite and must-order whenever we are here.. Phad Thai Noodles $5, Tom Yam Clear Seafood Soup $6, Stir-fried Long beans with salted egg yolk $8, Homemade Thai Prawn Cake $12, Deep fried pork with Garlic $6. Prices are reasonable, portion are decent and each dish are so well cooked! They taste so authentic and we really enjoyed each of them! One of the best place to ease our Thai food craving! @nakhonkitchen #nakhonkitchensg #thaifoodsg #thaifood #thaifoods #thaifoodstagram