This is worth the money and worth the try. Would rate 9.5/10. If ure a fan of salted egg and a pinch of spice, u shld really try this salted egg pasta. It’s very creamy. It cost $16.90.

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The cocktail is worth the try but I’ve tasted better cocktails. They have this very strong taste of sour. This cocktail cost $7.90 before gst. Not the best but worth the try. If ure not a fan of cocktail, u can head over and try their milkshake.

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This starter is absolutely a must t try and it’s not really worth the money but it’s definitely a must t try. The cheese is something different because there’s like a rainbow colour and it the cheese is really something different. This dish cost $9.90 before gst wasn’t really worth it cause there’s only 3 but it’s worth the try

This dish is something worth the try. Would rate this dish 9/10. Minus 1 because it claim to be a crab meat pasta but there’s no crab meat or any seafood in it. Its really a mind blown dish, they have this before taste like tomyum and after taste of a carbonara spaghetti. It’s definitely worth the try and money. This dish cost $16.90 before gst.


Tried the rachlette cheese w fish and chips. Would rate it 6/10. It’s worth the try but not worth the money. The dish came with a normal fish and chips, fries and salad. Nothing amazing, but add on with the melted cheese it definitely add on to the taste. It cost $19.90 before gst and wasn’t really worth the money.

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