Quite fluffy despite its girth, better than the last Ricotta pancake I had. The crumbs, berries sourness and overall mix of sweetness makes it less tiring and I find myself not as jelat despite all the dough.

Sneak preview to the Korean chain Caffébene opening on weds! It's gonna be a queue frenzy definitely.


White miso is mixed into the caramel sauce drizzled onto this chewy waffle. Very subtle savoury flavour that works for me.

Comes with homemade less sweet froze yoghurt and soy souffle.

Sorry guys, I know I keep uploading the same pic but I finally edited to this version where the colors aren't overly green!

This is the matcha one which comes with homemade froyo and soy souffle.


A mix of sous vide eggs,roasted lamb stew and sweet potato topped with crispy bacon.

A little pricey though at $6 for 1.


Opening soon in bugis+. Guess that makes it really easy to replace your boyfriend with something else that's long and cream-filled.


Ice cream standard like drop a bit, not as creamy or rich. Waffles still pretty alright.