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Love how generous the food portion was. The food price ranged around $15-$25, but since they were so generous with the food portion it’s definitely worth it. Also! Their coffee is a must try :)

Price after 1 for 1 was great and worth it! Curry was tasty, portion was sufficient! Not super amazing but if you looking to save money this is the place!

1-for-1 pasta was worth the buy, can't remember the pasta we tried but in general they gave good portion and the pasta was al-dente. However, the sauce didn't really infuse with the pasta and it felt seperated even though we were eating the same thing. The sauce didn't disappoint however, and really made the dish wholesome and delicious!

1-for-1 burpple beyond the Briyani and Nasi Lemak Royale set. Both portion very generous, very full by the time we finished.

Briyani was good tasting, and appetizing! Pompadom was crispy and the curry nicely went together with the rest.

Nasi Lemak was okay, but the prawns sealed the deal and made the dish delicious and left me wanting more!

Good option if you happen to be here!

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At first the place seems ok, a place where you won't expect good food. However we were proved wrong

The two main dishes had a HUGE PORTION we could not finish, even more with 1-for-1 burpple beyond. Thai Garlic was abit salty but delicious, the Sweet and Sour sauce was decent!

Tom Yam Fried Rice is okay, spicy level was good and some vegetables inside, generally quite nice!

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30% would be better, 50% was too sweet. Price was okay. Abit milky but not bad!

9/10. Salted Egg Prawn Pasta serving was generous, more than half of the plate was prawns. The salted egg pasta was not too watery or too sticky and was very tasty.

9/10. Seafood marinara was sweet, pasta al dente. The sauce wasn't too flavourful, it was nice taking it alone or with pasta. Likewise, the ingredients were plentiful.

8/10. We ordered fried chicken as well and the sambal didn't look like it was spicy enough but it was tasty and crispy and blended well with the sauce!

Definitely coming back!

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Bought honey chicken, sambal kangkong and tomyum soup, 2 x rice all for $15 with Beyond! The place was a little bit out of the way but the food was good! They were very generous with the kangkong and vegetables in the soup. Taste was great in general, however the tom yum soup was a little disappointing as it was abit salty and was not as strong as I wanted it to be.

Overall, cheap & good and will be going back again when convenient!

Nothing short of amazing, the beef nicely cooked, egg was perfect and the truffle and rice goes perfectly together. The tendon was very generous and coupled with the 1 for 1 from burpple beyond, it is probably my favorite place to go right now.

Tendon was okay, had generous portions as well, definitely a dish to go for someone like me who eats alot.

Even without burpple beyond they offer 30% off at 4pm-5pm, making it very worth it.

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1-for-1 Single Scoop with Soft Serve got this with burpple beyond and it definitely was worth the price. Interesting concept, cookie dough was a new thing never tried before.

Taste was good. The flavour was really brought about nicely. Major problem is it got very difficult to eat after awhile because of the strong taste. MUST EAT WITH SOFT SERVE if not it will be very hard to swallow.

For the price, this Don is waaaay worth it! Tried the Mentai Chicken Katsu, mentai was great and delish, the katsu wasn't crispy but a bit meh but overall still worth!

Creamy Salted Egg rice was great, something that I definitely would eat again! Portion was huge for $8, got a little difficult to finish at the end. The place was super ulu, takeaways would be better or if have private transport.