Portion is abundance with affordable price range. Will drop by another time to try out different dishes!

Australian tenderloin grilled a juicy medium-rare and doused in a smooth, aromatic sauce of espresso, cognac and cream. A side of almond rice, redolent with butter and sliced almonds, accompanies the steak. My love for this dish grows more with every encounter.

Ordered mine with medium cook, great quality and nourishing taste but slightly chewy (can be a little more tender) - $90++

Served with chicken thigh and breast with sweet onions, mushroom and hint of red wine. Portion wise was very generous. Have to share my portion because it's too much. - $35++

Different types of sausages ranging from tasty to spicy. Dedicate pork meat with crispy fried skin. Served with 2 side dishes for alternative appetence. Great for 3 - 4 pax. -$60++

Tender tortilla wrap with cube size meat and veggies. Comes along with salad and sauces. - $22