Sawagani; fried tiny crab ($15)
They were fried alive!! :( a little sadistic, however it is interesting & fresh. It's so crunchy & crispy to the point that every bite you take, makes a loud 'ka-ci, ka-ci' sound. The crabs retain a tint of sea water saltiness and the more you chew, the sweeter it taste.
Don't miss out on this seasonal dish :) and try their lunch set, it's pretty cheap ($15), which includes a main, miso soup, salad and sesame ice cream dessert. I've never like sesame ice cream, but I guarantee this taste damn good. One of the freshest sushi bar I had :)


My friend recommend this, & I must say it's superb!
The Tonkutsu soup base is super light, & the signature red sauce isn't really that spicy, even when I got it at x2 level. :/ however, It's so tasty that you will finish them with a 2nd serving of noodle. Sadly, the soup isn't refillable :(
The ramen cost 89HKD, comes with the standard selection such as noodles, soup base, char siew (yes/no), serving of signature sauce (>3x will have dry chili pepper, additional of 12HKD >10x), spring onion (yes, no, with leek).
The other toppings are at additional charges 12-14HKD.
Tips: I would recommend additional soft boil salted egg & seaweed. The salted egg isn't salty at all, it taste like hanjuku eggs, but with the flowy egg yolks 😍😍 The seaweed melts when added into the soup (unlike those that stays chunky & hard to chew), adding extra flavor to the soup!
Waited at least an hour, due to it's popularity + lunch time, & it's single seat, over the counter serving concept. Anyway a new outlet had just opened in TST on 6th June 2015! You can avoid the waiting if you pick the right time to visit :)
I'm totally regretting for not buying their home cook packets 😭 please bring this ramen to Singapore!

Michelin star worthy roasted meat Restaurant! It's cheap & imbal good 👍 guarantee you will have a second serving after eating! Tips: order the noodle dry, so your meat will still stay crispy! :)

The dim sum was so-so :/ I guess swee choon did a better job in the custard bun. Well at least these are picture worthy :)

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A newly opened soft ice cream, which is best to counter the hot weather here in Hong Kong! $43-53 HKD! The chocolate balls pop like sparkles in your mouth, and even the paper decoration is edible :) so cute! worth the try! Check out their instra @loooophk for more details!


Searching high & low for this tiny packet of noodle... You never been to Hong Kong if you never try this. Each ingredient cost $4HKD. You get to choose and match! Opt for spicy if you try as it makes it more savoury ;)

Mango dessert heaven! The mango has a mixture if sweet and sour. Very appetizing:) This set it's only $49 HKD 👍

Craving for Malay cuisine during this Ramadan :) the food offered was a tad disappointing, though they smell real good! However, their rendang is worth the recommendation, as the meat is tender yet soft. Overall, the average cost of the dish is about $10.90 which I think it's kinda expensive :/


A place great for groups!! Wide variety of pizza selections! & their Al-fungi pasta deserve a second serving (which I did had haha) 👍ambience & service.


Would prefer it to be a little warm than room temperature, and I couldn't really taste the truffle :/ however the combination of the meal is nicely done. $18.90, is a little costly for it though

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Who can resist the temptation of lava cakes?!
Sync provides different flavors of lava cakes ($7.90 each)! Every one of them taste like heaven in your food 😍 try out their funky variety of cocktails!
West-siders! Check them out for an interesting drinking session if y'all don't wanna head to down 😉

Udders is famous for their WIDE range of ice cream (classic, premium & connoisseur). I personally love the texture of the chewy waffle, it's more dense & soft. Give it a try, if you wanna take a break from crispy waffle ;)