Can't remember the name of this item but it comes with red rice and karrage. The rice was fluffy and sticky but find the karrage too tough. Probably fried for too long?

The wok hei is strong with this one. Surprised by the generous portion of chicken in the hot fun. Would eat here again!

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Soup was really nice and intense but the serving of fish was little for a medium size order compared to tian wai tian

Was looking forward to the chicken wing and it was crispy but marinate lacks a bit of flavor

Heard really good reviews of Fatty Bom Bom but was disappointed with the quality that was served. Both the fries and mash potato were served cold. Bun was normal, it wasn't fried but also not really grilled. The fried chicken was the only item that was fresh and thankfully it was! Wish I didn't have to eat using plastic utencils thou.

Nothing to complain about. Broth was light and sweet but would recommend getting their banh mi that's baked in house.

Waffle looks shiok but tasted quite normal. Guess the salted caramel helped.

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