Taste like Chinese roast pork belly, still really good!!

This was a nice quaint place. Food was good and pretty unique! Expect to spend about $60/pax here! #

Gotta make a reservation 1 month in advance if you’re looking for a dinner slot. Lunch slots are much easier to get.

The view is really nice as it’s right by the beach, and it’s a single building along east coast park. Alfresco dining.

The pork was awesome, pasta and octopus was good too. A bit on the pricey end, but good for a special occasion

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Food was pretty good and tasty, the sides were all pretty affordable and portions were good. The mains are on the pricier side of $40.

Ordered the sangria and it was greatttt. Especially having it by the seaside, really felt like I was in a resort in Bali.

They did up the place super nicely! Good to celebrate special occasions here :)

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Prawns were big and the pasta was tasty! Loved the slightly spicy bits. The egg yolk was just right and creamy.

Had red sangria too! Really good.
Their happy hour is till 8pm! Cocktails at $18!

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Newly opened 3 weeks ago! Super vibey place, very nice interior and comfortable setting! Good for a special dinner!

Crab toast was great! Otah was good too. Lobster Ravioli was alright but would skip to try other stuff! Truffle naan flavour was good, but I’d prefer it a bit more fluffy.

They also had an extensive wine list for pairing.

Pretty expensive tho, ard $80/person

THIS IS AMAZING. The combination of the savoury bulgogi and sweet sauce was chef’s kiss. The crust of the pizza was just right, crisp but not hard.

Super flavourful! Highly recommend! It’s slightly pricey at $30, but defo can share cause it’s quite big

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The Sotbab is amazing. The crispy rice at the bottom is the bombs. Seafood pancake is the crispy kind. Pork was so soft, paired really well with the lettuce, mustard seed etc.

Vibes here was really nice and cosy surrounded in greenery, good place to chill and talk

Where else can you get a ginseng smoothie! It was kinda weird at first but grows on you.
Flower ade and blue lemon ade’s colours were really nice too.
Served with pretty flowers around it, very instagrammable for sure!


10/10 vibes, there’s beach club feels without the sand. Got a poolside as well and you can sit right by the water! It’s super windy tho, so do tie your hair up!

Food’s pretty good, if you don’t order the steaks and meats actually the rest are priced decently


Herbal soup and sesame chicken
Came piping hot and fragrant. The ngoh hiang was good too. The servings here are pretty generous (ordered the small), so do share!