Chuupppppppppp! Usually I’d give 10/10 for anything that resembles more of a swimming pool than a plate of food. This is still good, don’t get me wrong. But I think soft boiled egg + plain prata cannot compete with a good old egg prata. (Rating: 😬)


β€’ Sambal was umami
β€’ Egg prata was fluffy
β€’ Fish curry was balanced

I can’t believe I only learnt about sambal with prata like a few months ago. What have I been eating?! (Rating:😬)

This tastes exactly how you'd imagine it would taste. Nice and refreshing! (Rating:πŸ˜€)


Judging by the packaging, I thought I was gonna get a double double IPA. It was surprisingly light and delicious though! Never really like Brewerkz, but this has changed my mind. (Rating:πŸ˜€)


I'm not the best person to describe the intricate flavours in a craft beer. But this definitely gets more than a "Can Lah!" from me. (Rating:😬)


Delicious wood fired pizzas! We ordered this as well as Diavola($20) and Bismark($24). Honestly they were all great. Good value for money, and they have cheap beers too! The crust taste best when eaten fresh. Two of my friends didn't reccomend takeaways or delivery, so be warned. (Rating:😬)


Delicious vegetarian food, think it’s reasonably healthy. Lots of vegetables and mushrooms. The tofu fishcake is awesome! Noodles were al dente and went well with the garlic chili. (Rating:😬)

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Simple and delicious. The regular size should be plenty for most people. Only bad thing is that their bowls are too big for Japanese style chopsticks-only slurping operation. (Rating: πŸ˜€)

Genki Sushi is the new Sushi Express. The prices are slightly higher here, but everything is fresher since they are not just sitting around on a conveyer belt.

Our favorite was the Seared Fluke Fin, it was super melty and flavorful. Will definitely come back again. You can get a 5% discount if you’re eating here for the first time if you download their app. (Rating:πŸ˜€)

Slowly becoming my favorite fish soup. The thick noodles is thinner than the usual, making it lighter and more satisfying. Chili padi with garlic soy sauce only makes it better.

Still trying to figure out how to get into the auntie’s good books so she’d give me more chili. Will update when I succeed. (Rating:😬)

It is located where Alwadi used to be, finally somewhere closer to where I frequent. Prata is good, have not tried their naan or murtabak yet. (Rating:😬)

Run by one of the ex-owner of Burgs. Their burgers are still as good, though I’m still not sure why charcoal bun exists, they have the normal one too. Definitely good value for money.

If you’re still unsatisfied after that, do try their Froissants($4). It’s quite small, but just the right size after a heavy meal. (Rating:😬)