What we ordered:
Big breakfast, with scrambled eggs and brioche $19
Hashbrown Salmon $17
Eggs benedict $17
Truffle fries
Honey lemon ice tea
Earl grey tea
Stack of pancakes
Berry Lemon Cake $5
Total $101.65

I would totally go back for brunch again. Service was really great, celebrated a friend's birthday there which they accommodated to.

Second visit and its never a let down. 2 ladies ordered 6 pieces of souffle pancakes. The menu can be quite confusing initially - we assumed it was a set of the same flavors but customer can decide which flavor combination they wanted. Saved the marshmallow, oreo and red velvet for the next day, and the flavor felt more robust as it absorbed the maple syrup and toppings. Additional maple syrup can be added at zero cost, just request it! 😋

The meal was such a worthy experience. Most things were communicated in mandarin. However, staff were reaply accomodating to questions and offered help. Mala beef bowl small ($7.90) was perfect with good amount of beef that was chewy yet soft, full portion of noodle. Though the beef pancake 6pcs ($7.90) looked underwhelming, when dipped with accompanying chilli sauce, it really complimented the meal! Will definitely repeat order during my next visit!

Can't recall the prices but for 2, we ordered:
Prawn Hagao
Pork cutlet ramen
Whisky ramen
Xiao long bao
Mango prawn critters

We were told that there was an option for buffet at $32/pax and orders are free flow with limitation on haogao and whisky noodles. I felt that the portions were similar to sample size and if I were looking to fill my dim sum craving, this would be the right place!

Blue Whale Milktea $3.80
Really enjoyed my order really much. I had wanted to return to try out the souffle pancakes but couldn't make it back. I'm sold for its decor, pretty place to sit and chill with a friend. And the fragrance of the tea is amazing!

Went in for dinner and it was equally as amazing if it were for breakfast. Ordered the eggs Benedict for $20 which comes with an array of juices that is complementary to the dish.

Ordered the gula meleka toast and brulee tea with milk (pot) which totalled at $31.80
Wonderful to be shared by 2 ladies 👯. The toast on the outside is buttery and the inside is a slice of kaya heaven!!
The brulee tea is light yet tasty enough to wash down the flavors.
👌will order it again next time!!!

Location was great and easy to locate. We ordered twice just because it was that delicious and felt that it was worth the price! $8.50 for KOOKS SPECIALTY LAVA COOKIE SET W Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream. It was not too sweet but the earl grey alone would have been too overpowering. $9.00 (+$0.50) for specialty ice cream - Arabica Coffee with KOOKS SPECIALTY LAVA COOKIE SET was amazing! It brought out the flavors of the chocolate lava and refreshing with the Arabic coffee fragrance.

Will recommend, will return 😀

Eco-friendly and sustainable cafe. Will return to stock my own cookie dough and definitely cake batter tubs!

Though the location is slightly out of the way, the menu is worth it! 20% student discount for gelato every weekday 2pm to 7pm makes it slightly lighter on the wallet.

For the price paid, it is a filling amount for 1 and for quality sweet treats!
Earl grey milkshake 💯👌
Dark chocolate & honey comb waffle
Honey chrysanthemum with caco nibs and earl grey waffle
All are amazing desserts, will definitely return when I can!