The ice cream is light and refreshing, the egglet crispy yet soft. Perfect combination with a cup of tea. Ask the staff for recommendations on the pairings if you’re not sure what to go for, they’re the experts 🤤🤤🤤

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The standard has definitely dropped. I can’t comment for the other dishes but please for your mouth’s sake do not order the chicken Alfredo. It’s so tasteless and the spaghetti over cooked to the point I ate one mouth and I was like that’s it, ain’t taking another bite. The chicken in it also tasteless!!! I ordered another item fish fillet and chicken steak, it was SUPER SALTY. Like salt overload. Even my old fav, baked potato is not that nice anymore. Yucks. Extremely bad experience. Even Aston is better then this 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ordered their signature BBQ Chicago pizza. It was SUPER JELAK. I think can serve 3-4 pax. The cheese is a lot and very filling. If you have a big appetite then you can try eating this. The garlic dak gangjeong chicken is awesome though the batter is quite thick.

The cashier and kitchen is on level 1 so after you have ordered your dishes, proceed to level 2 via the stairs on the left to go up for the seating area. The place is very cosy and pretty homely design. The window seats have a nice view.

Food is good. Tried the curry chicken and babi pongteh (stewed pork), Hae zhor (prawn), sambal hae bi hiam Kang Kong and Achar (must try)!!!

The very nice uncle gave us free desserts agar agar and pulut hitam. Somehow we decided to mix the desserts and eat it together & it’s surprisingly nice 🤣

Food is definitely affordable if you use Burpple beyond 1-1 and also use fave to pay for 10% discount off next purchase. (Or u can just use it to buy 1 box of achar after the meal and get a few dollars off).