If not for the 1 for 1, I wouldn’t try this dish. Was a tad disappointed that their poke bowl was not under the 1 for 1 deal

The pasta was Al dente and there prawns were of a good size. The location was fabulous especially on weekends when there is a live band playing at the outdoor stage

The salmon slices were thick and fresh. Portion was small. Would not pay for the full price if not for the 1 for 1

Wanted to try the mini charcoal beef burger but they ran out. Settled with the spicy tomato prawn spaghetti instead. The pasta was Al dente and the prawns were juicy. Ordered the truffle fries to make up for the small serving. The best part about the restaurant is the variety of the food offered- western, Italian, Japanese . The 1 for 1 doesn’t hurt either

The tekka donburi was lovely. The tuna slices were fresh. The serving was small though