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The curry fish head is good and savoury. Not very spicy and there are hints of sweetness due to the pineapple and tomato found in the curry. Do note that you are not required to join the queue if you are ordering the claypot curry fish head!

U know it's good when u see the long queue. Avoid lunch hour!! Everything is good here. Their chili sauce is great, Fishball is bouncy, soup is flavourful and my favourite pig liver is so fresh. Best of all, it's very affordable!!

This is simply fabulous. Been here twice and the standard has been consistent. The unagi is crispy on the outside and so soft inside. The sauce is good as well. The only down side is that it's quite pricey. The price came up to be $80 for two pax and we ordered a hitsumabushi and a Don. It's great and will come back again once in awhile!

Came at around 7pm+ on Friday night and was told that the queue will take 30min to 45min long. Thankfully we got in after 20min or so but was told that truffle beef had sold out and food will take 45min to be served. We ordered a teriyaki chicken don and aburi salmon Mentaiko Don. Both are great! The aburi Salmon Mentaiko Don will get slightly jelat after awhile though. Will be back to try the truffle waygu beef which smell so good!!


Ordered English, Tunisian and Scandinavian. All dishes come highly recommended! Tunisian would be great if you would like something hot with gravy. English is a classic English breakfast. The asparagus in Scandinavian is so good that there's a need to mention it specifically! Been here a few times and the quality has been consistent. Just that it's quite pricey!

Went there for dinner on a Saturday evening. It's recommended to make a reservation as the place was filled with people. We ordered the Chicken and waffles, blueberries pancakes, farmer's plate, peanut butter chocolate pie and a iced latte. The chicken was tender and the waffles is great! Blueberries pancakes are awesome and it's not cloying sweet. You won't get sick of eating this! The farmer's plate is ordinary and I would skip this! Ice latte is great if you like your coffee without sugar! Will visit here again.

Went to Dumpling Darlings for lunch on a Friday afternoon. It's slightly crowded and the seats are quite near to each other. The set lunch includes a bowl of noodles, four dumplings and a drink. Had the miso mushroom noodles which is so good! The noodles is chewy and light. Also had the original dumplings and sichuan dumplings. Original dumplings come with ginger and vinegar while the sichuan dumplings come with chili! Both are recommended! Will be back to try the other flavours!