Had a nice casual lunch here.
The fish and chips and barramundi was not bad! Portion was quite big.

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Really delicious and value for money! I tried once at the oue downtown and now at plaza singapura outlet

The beef noodles are really good here! Flavourful and the soup is soooo good! Worth a try for 5.50 only.. Uncle is very friendly and polite too

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Food was delicious, we ordered the set which was of really good value, the place is very pretty and service was really awesome!

The mala fries, beef horfun was really delicious delicious! The place had a very cool vibe.

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We ordered the 5 course set and portion was just nice. The food was surprisingly delicious. Really like the boiled soup, the pasta was a little plain. Dessert was the pumpkin puree with coconut ice cream which was very interesting and refreshing.

Ordered the flat noodles, good texture but the noodles stuck to each other. The chilli added into the soup was a little oily, but added a punch. Love the side dishes. Would recommend the small portion then top up $4 for egg, side dish and drink.

Came here for my father's birthday but the pasta was extremely spicy and the service was so so. The scallop was not fresh, had shell bits. First and last time.

Ordered their brunch hamburg, along with some sides. The server asked for feedback twice, once when she just served the dish and second when i was eating halfway. It was super disruptive. Secondly, they split the drink into my food, and they only apologised for it. Bill came up to 200ish for 4 of us. This will be my last visit to Jypsy.

Came here for dinner and drinks. The food menu was rather limited, and tables were a little cramp. Nevertheless they had some creative drinks like the alcoholic bubble tea

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The pasta was flavourful, however I didn't like the couscous which had onion bits in it and that the entire salad was cold even though i ordered the 'hot protein'.

Came here for bah Kuh teh, their pork liver soup was really nice and soup is refillable. The pig trotter was pretty tender too!