Read a fair bit about their Swiss rolls and since its only a few bus stops away, decided to bring my family along to try the coffee and cakes.

Fairly small but very beautiful deco and ambience. The natural sunlight from the window panes really adds to the clean and minimalist look of the cafe. Definitely good for reading or catching up with loved ones

As for food, I'm not a cake person but the raspberry and match Swiss rolls were really good. Light, fluffy and the cream wasn't too rich. Went well with my latte, which was a tad bit acidic for me.

Overall, I'll certainly be back with a book. Buy probably on a weekday when it's not crowded

Popped by the cafe in the afternoon as it as around the area. Located in a fairly nondescript shop house along Telok Ayer Road. Comfortable seats and the latte is well balanced with a dash of nuttiness.

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Noticed that jewel coffee franchises have been popping up all around lately. This one, at the new Tanjong Pagar man is a small seater but has a few sockets all around for those who need power. WiFi is also accessible.

I was allowed to choose from two different blends. An Ethiopian and Guatemala one. Picked the latter for my hot latte, which tasted nutty and had a hint of chocolate.

Opened for just a week, apiary really exceeded expectations in terms of the ice cream flavours they offered as well as the quality of their waffles and coffee. Small space though but very friendly staff


Second time here. Drinks are a little on the more expensive side but the food here makes up for it by being relatively cheaper. Small space but crowd clears after lunch. Located on thr 8th floor of Novena medical centre; stone's throw from. Novena mrt station


Had the signature flight coffee, which comes with a shot of expresso and a cappuccino, to go with a book. A little out of the way but fairly good place to get some work done. Came during a weekday lunch time but it wasn't too crowded. There is an option for alfresco dining too. Kitchen closes early at 3 tho. Bus 32 from bedok interchange comes by here if you don't drive


Wish cafes like this were present when I was still schooling in this area. The beans they use are from papa pahelta and nylon coffee roasters. The flat white that I had didn't have a very complex flavour but it was well-balanced and had a slight hint of nutty flavour. I like the cafe's use of natural light as well.

Good for reading and surprising empty on a Sunday afternoon. Probably still early and I expect it to get a little noiser when the lunch crowd moves in.

Moreover, I think the drinks are priced quite reasonablly. My 7oz flat white was just 5.

The service here is impeccable. Although water is supposed to be self-serviced, one of the crew poured me a cup automatically upon my order. He took the effort to refill it from time to time as well. Good job!

It's not very near the mrt station but quite a few buses come by (67,222,etc)


Definitely one of my favourite finds. Located near serangoon gardens, the cafe is small but cosy. Good for those who like a quiet place to read/study over coffee (but they have the typical cafe brunch food too).

I was recently I trounced to cedele by my mum, who swears by it. Have to day that the black pepper crab pasta was delish. A little on the fiery end but it was money well-spent. Thr pasta comes with three mussels and yoy have the choice of whether you want linguine or spaghetti

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Nice quiet place to read esp. In the afternoon/evenings. Few seats so come early if you want one. Decent cafe and piccolo lattes. Pleasant complex after taste

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Not much traffic when I was here on a Saturday late afternoon. Like the tranquil environment. Very good for conversations and reading. Had the lavender latte, which had a hint of sweetness that complemented the bitterness of the coffee. Not sure about the dried lavender bits though.