had the wagyu beef burger($28) & a matcha green tea latte($7) while my friend got an americano($5)! we really enjoyed the burger however i’d say the fries were average. they added a decent amount of matcha which was nice! ambiance of the place was very relaxing and chill. overall would rate it a 8/10 as some might find the portion too little.

had the bolognese($16) & mushroom cream pasta($17) and added chicken(+4) for both. would say price is alright but worth it if you have 1 for 1! portion was pretty filling as well. ordered a latte & pink lemonade soda to go along with it. the lemonade was quite sour so highly recommend for those sour lovers out there or if you just need something refreshing! rate it a 7.5/10 overall! :-) sn; great place to study!