Ordered both the Truffle Carbonara and the B Supreme Burger. Portions were generous and truffle smell and taste were not too overpowering. Served with a liberal amount of fresh mushrooms and topped with a perfectly poached egg. B Supreme came with crisp curly fries and patty was well cooked. All the ingredients (sliced mushrooms, melted cheddar, sunny side up egg) complemented each other extremely well.
Finished off with their Black Sesame Cake which we felt was a little too heavy on the taste buds.

we ordered both the iron man and cookie monster together with their white flat coffee which we thought were very reasonable for the competitive prices! acai bowls were delicious and we felt like the quantity was adequate. would definitely return here again :)


Ordered the Beef Truffle Bowl and the Mentaiko Salmon Bowl. Quantity was decent and both rice and broccoli were seasoned well. However, the skin of the Salmon was too hard and dry to cut much less eat. Paid around $24 using the Burrple 1-1 deal so can't complain!

Had high hopes for this KBBQ seeing that numerous people wish listed this place but left disappointed.

All the meat tasted the same. Some pork were powdery.
Sauces were not great.
We kept expecting it to get better but it never did :|
my girlfriend gagged.

beef patty exceeded my expectations! its sufficiently thick yet extremely juicy. portobello mushrooms were also a nice touch and i could tell the ingredients were fresh! will definitely return here :)