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Ending my meal on a sweet note with this peanut butter toast. Kim Gary is one of my favorite Hong Kong eateries but sadly Vivo City is now the only outlet left in Singapore. I used to frequent their ION Orchard outlet quite often back in 2013 and it brings back the memories of having affordable Hong Kong food with my cliques.
🍴 Peanut Butter Toast with Sweetened Condensed Milk

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I am not a fan of pink color but I acknowledge that this cake looks so cute, especially with that mini Kitty head on top. Unfortunately, this cake does not taste as good as it looks. It tastes just like normal sponge cake with buttercream. The texture is rather dry also. Overall, I cannot find anything special about this cake except the sweet pinkish color.
🍴 Pink Velvet Cake
💰 $8.90

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Instagenic alert! This multi-colored cake looks very pleasing to the eyes, waiting for you to dig in. If you order rainbow cake, you will not be able to choose the ice cream flavor and you will get rainbow ice cream by default. The cake comes with marshmallows and jam-filled cookies on the side. The cake features a soft, moist and fluffy texture. Some layers has different flavor and some tastes similar. I like how the vanilla cream is light in sweetness. The colorful syrup used to decorate the plate tastes weird though, I feel like eating perfume lol.
🍴 Rainbow Fantasy Cake
💰 $16.90