Their toast and eggs but their drinks were so horribly diluted that we gave up halfway. Whatever you see in this picture cost SGD12. Wont go back there again.

We couldnt taste the naked waffle itself, which we would like to. The dessert (SGD14.50++) was literally drenched in chocolate sauce, berry compote and ice cream. Too sweet for our liking. Had we known, we would request to go lesser on chocolate sauce and berry compote, sans the icing sugar would be good too.

Creamy mushrooms cooked with tomatoes, topped with parmesan (SGD14+) on sourdough delish! Though the menu online said it was with white wine. Very generous with their portions. Scrambled eggs (+SGD3+) were perfect. Their mushroom bacon carbonara (SGD19+) was yummy too! Good take on their own version of carbonara, love their cream! Iced chocolate with ice cream (SGD7.50+) was disappointing, their 9oz flat white (SGD5.50+) was okie.

The baos were so delish! Generous filling! I could even order & eat the fried mantou on its own! Will come back here again!


Wishing Flock could be more generous with their scramblies for SGD17.20

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They call it Veggie Wonderland (SGD26++), and I couldnt agree more! Every item on that plate was perfectly done. Absolutely loved it, especially their scrambled eggs! Very filling too!


Veh good Chirashi Don ($20++)! Comes with their signature rice too!

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Their aburi chirashi don at $16.90 nett and onsen egg for an additional $1.00 was omg so good, so generous, so delish. Worth it! Added $3.00 for hot green tea and chawanmushi. And waa their spoon also very chio.

Oooooo eggs scrambled really well. Croissant was good! If ya dunch like soggy croissant, could try to request for eggs to be separated (but then maybe cant take nice pics lar).SGD10nett! I also like it that we could choose our 儭 to be from Axil or Nylon beans!

But inside not butter sexy enough for SGD2.20. Their char siew polo bun SGD2.20 also pretty mehhh... Woah their scrambled eggs (comes with Butter Polo Bun for SGD6.50) blew me away, even better than those in Hong Kong! Egg tart SGD1.90 crust is a winner but not their custard filling sorrehhhh...

Granchio, squid ink spaghetti crabmeat, SGD19+ and wasn't filling. Although pasta was al dente perfecto, but the overall dish pretty normal.

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And the French toast tasted as good as it looked! Worth every SGD15. Generous servings of espresso biscuit bits, fruits, raisins, nuts and syrup! Preferred this to their pancakes!