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A rich, creamy soup base. Lots of corn but not much meat. A little pricey


A decent bowl, nothing too fancy but good enough for a dry banmian fix! Noodles were nice and chewy.


A very average dish. They were rather stingy with the sauce and meat. Rice was rather dry. Cheese portion was quite generous though!

[$11.90] for medium

A great deal with Burpple beyond! Wouldn’t say it’s extraordinary, but a good place to get your açai fix at a reasonable price.

Forgot to take down the name of this but it was really good! Pear was crisp and juicy. The custard was very fresh and creamy. Would love to have had more! A bit pricey though

Long queue that moves quickly! The best lotus soup I’ve had to date. Very creamy and thick, with lots of ingredients at the bottom. Wish they’d given more pork ribs! But the soup alone is enough to keep me coming back for more ◡̈

Generous portion of noodles! Very bouncy and flavourful.


This burger was fantastic! The patty was very juicy. Asked for no mayo for this, which allowed the patty to shine. The bun was buttery and fluffy.

Wished there would be more cheese though!


Juicy patty, average bun. Got this with eatigo 50% off so I’d say it was fairly worth.

The sides were the star of the show though. Ordered truffles fries which came in a huge portion. Intensity of truffle flavour was just right!

The seared scallops were sweet and buttery. Very nice.


Went during 50% eatigo. I’d say this wasn’t the most worth if not for the discount. Portion was small for everything we ordered. Quality of food was not too bad though, the mushroom sauce was rather full-bodied, chicken was juicy. Fries were crisp outside and fluffy inside, with enough potato in each fry. Only bane would be the price and location. Worth a try with discount!


This was surprisingly pleasant! Waffles were crispy outside and fluffy inside, with a nice hint of tomato.

We changed the poached eggs to scrambled eggs but I wouldn’t say the eggs were the best. Don’t think any cream/butter/milk was added as it tasted very purely eggy. Good for you if you like your eggs simple, but not so for those who love creamy eggs like me.

Waffles were definitely the star of the show.


The noodles live up to their name - really QQ! Sarawak sauce was not bad, quite light yet tasty. Only wish they would give more meat.

I’ve always walked past this place but never gave it a second look. Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, we discovered a hidden gem!

Price is a little steep though. I’m sure we can get similar stuff for