Very coconutty based stew. Leave u feeling surfeit after a while. Seafood is very fresh having them swim in coconut milk...?! Nah... but won't recommend it unless u love coconut soup.

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Tasty and hearty bowl of soup dumplings. Generous serving of teochew dumplings with dried sole fish. The big bowl @ $4 fills me up nicely with no extra carb needed. An order for the fishball noodles will include the dumplings as well. The fishballs and noodles are really good too! But I'm really there for the dumplings. The auntie wraps the dumplings on the spot so u can request for the dumplings to be dabao-ed raw if u can't get enuff of them.

Our place to go when we used to end our weekends at 4am in the morning and our tummy craves for hot soupy food. This stalls opens about that time and close just after lunch. This is probably the only place I will have the mee kia soup instead of dry! Think...hybrid of ba chor mee and teochew dumpling fishball noodle soup. Closed every Wednesday.

Awesome creamy mala soup base! Select your level of spiciness and add your condiments at the spice counter when your food is done. Sotong balls came with chunks of squid.

They offer a wide selection of ingredients so don't get too greedy. I lost count on the number of items I picked. The pictured bowl costed me $6.80 with noodles. The staff was happy to help me fry the bitter ground that was originally not a fried item. The ingredients were really fresh and it gets pretty crowded from noon. P

Awesome and Value Set meal for 2pax. Came with a selection of meat, salad, rice, soup, veg, kimchi and beef tongue. The raw Wagyu Tataki was really good starter that we added on with no regrets.

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The ginger milk tea is something I will order again! I don't have a sweet tooth and I found the tea just right for me. The pearls were meh...on the soft side, may be due to the hot tea, i'll probably skip it the next round.

The oyster mee sua was a comfort to my tummy on a cold rainy afternoon. Only ingredients in the bowl was the few pieces of oyster on top so i added the 盐酥鸡 which was nice and crispy. The mee sua was tasty and a little on the salty side, probably cause i didnt add the vinegar. Overall pretty good.

Beautifully seasoned pork chops, so good you don't need the sauce. The porkchops were boneless and very tender. Highly recommended to try for those who like strong tasting food. Stood out more than the steak we had in my humble opinion.

A little gem in amk neighbourhood. Steak was nicely grilled, can do with a tad more seasoning. Mac & cheese is really rich. Worth the calories.

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Pork Chops are nicely marinated and tender. A simple dish, slightly pricey at $18. Steeples deli had this old school attraction that draws passerbys.

Soft moist Lavender Earl Grey Chiffon is definitely worth coming back for. Coffee is smooth and rice but little on the acidic side.