It’s totally unbelievable and unacceptable that when we politely requested to heat up a mushroom soup that was served lukewarm at the orchard gateway branch, the staff argued that it was not and when we requested for the manager to assist us instead, the staff proceeded to make a scene in front of other guests!

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I couldn’t believe it when I got home and opened the take away box of half dozen muffins that I ordered. They shrank by so much that I will seriously consider whether to ever order them again. So sad and unfortunate that they decided to shrink their signature item.

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Your frontline staff manager told us today lunchtime we couldn’t go in even though 3 of us were already here waiting for past 1 hour because he couldn’t add 1 more person when my friend may or may not turn up as he did not reply.

We do not understand why there is the difference between a table for 3 and 4, and the inflexibility of your entry policy, even though we will be ordering straightaway.

It definitely ruin our dining experience on our birthday month and to us it is an integral part of your branding and customer service which can be improved much.

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Having and allowing staff with such bad attitude to serve customers, it shows that they may not care whether this affects your dining experience. Even if the food is acceptable, it just ruins your day and there are so many other alternative choices available in the area!

We were waiting outside the shop for some time but no one was attending to us, even though there are 2 empty tables presumably because it’s dinner time.

After waiting for some time and still nobody is attending to us, and there were empty tables, we walked in and took a seat at one of the tables.

Then a tall male staff came walking in and started screaming at us in front of all other customers asking if we had done safe entry (which we did and showed him). Yet he continue to be rude and scolded us for not waiting outside to be seated, and claimed that they were busy!