The chicken was really really juicy and the seasoning on the skin was a good mix of sweet and savoury. Honestly, one of the best chicken cutlets ever, surpassed my expectations for the quality it provided for its low price ($6.90)!! 😩

150g worth of froyo in the Mini cup !!! Used the Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 but tbh for the quantity they gave, the full price’s pretty decent too? The froyo tasted pretty average I guess, nothing too unique but still worth its price.

FAVE BRUNCH PLACE 🥵 The eggs for the Academics Breakfast was well seasoned with truffle that did not overpower it; the maple syrup coated bacon was a good mix of sweet and savoury & the bread, even eaten plain, was really tasty. The smoked salmon dish had so much salmon and the hash brown underneath was cooked to a delicate crisp. Really enjoyed the food here and with its all-day breakfast menu, we don’t even gotta wake early to cop these dishes 🥳

The thickness and savouriness of the cheese the Shake Shack items provide is delicious 🤤 My go-to-order in Shake Shack is the Shack Stack and of course their cheese fries. I would say, the Shack Stack is my all time favourite burger; the oozing cheese that comes out of the crisp-fried mushroom patty(?) and the savouriness of the beef patty just keeps me coming back for more. Pro-tip: Ask them to put your cheese sauce separately from the fries if you want more, they tend to fill the saucer w more than what they douse the fries with 🤧🤧

Tried their new addition to the menu, Futo Sushi!! We had the Unagi&Foie Gras and Beef Cheese one 😆 Although the beef was slightly tough, it went well with the cream cheese and I honestly liked the matchup 🤤 For the other, even though I’m not a fan of foie gras, I have to give credit for how good it tasted when consumed with the unagi. Special mention to the rice!! The rice was savoury and well seasoned, Tanuki never disappoints with their rice!!! Give it a try if you feelin’ boujee, $9.90’s pretty decent for foie gras & unagi 🤷🏻‍♀️

Beef short plate and pork belly were very well
marinated, with 6 sauces to choose from, as well as extra salt and pepper for those with a stronger taste. At only ~$5 for 100g of karubi beef short plate, the quality was very surprising! A very strong beefy taste complimented with the sauces. Definitely worth a try.

Ordered the cheeseburger and a shake with all ingredients other than the fruits!! The burger was alright, didn’t really set it apart from other burger joints, BUT THE SHAKE, HOWEVER, with its DIY concept allowed us to add so many toppings, it honestly tasted similar to reese’s buttercup with all we added in. Huge portion of fries, which poured out of the cup it was filling up 😩😩 Would come back again for the fries and shakes i guess!!

Really good mac & cheese, the gruyere cheese added a sweetness to it and the portion was pretty big given the price ($10 for 26oz). The beef given had a lot of fatty parts which we liked. Overall, a pretty decent dish although it got a little surfeiting towards the end 👌🏻

Filled our bellies with $14+ worth of Kuey and intestines!! The 大肠头 from this stall is especially delicious, all the ingredients were well marinated and the gravy was not too heavy. Best supper spot in Bishan 🥵

Root beer was pretty good, fries were decently savoury but burger did not really live up to the hype. For a $10.90 set, I expected the burger to be more meaty and flavourful but it was a little not the dry side even with the cream cheese :(

Pancakes were really fluffy but had a slightly more eggy taste than expected. The mascarpone cream was rich and added flavour for the pancakes which was a little on the bland side. Overall, the tiramisu pancakes tasted like an airier version of a tiramisu cake.

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Soup quality was much better in the past as it was both 麻 and 辣, however, now the taste is much less pronounced. The meat and other ingredients were still pretty decent. Not sure if would come back again...