1-for-1 Deals Burpple 1-for-1 Chicken leg confit shown in the picture is nicely cooked. I felt that the ginger slices is a little overpowering for my taste. Overall I felt that the portions for the entire 5 course is too small, leaving me quite disappointed. Why say it is a 5 course meal if 3 of them are to be shared? I just don’t get it. It comes off as being very stingy by the restaurant and the title 5 course meal is very misleading. Worse still, the price of $88 nett is seriously unjustified and a total rip off given the really small portions served for 2. Imagine this course without the the 1-for-1. Absolute daylight robbery. To be honest the food was quite good. It’s just that the portions were too small for the price of $88 to be justified. I am bewildered as to why the other reviews say the pasta (3rd course) by itself is filling by then. Won’t be coming ever again. Go to this place at your own peril if you wanna feel ripped off in the end.