The Prawn Cereal Pasta here is so good! It’s basically like aglio olio on crack with the extra crispy bits 🥰 Salmon soba bowl was not bad too.

Super good local Swiss rolls, cake parts are always very soft and the filling is always very thick!

Shrimp was very fresh and perfectly cooked! Was really good when topped with the squeezed lime.

One of the best Mexican places I’ve had in Singapore. Carnitas was super fatty and tender, complemented by the sour touch of the salsa and pickled onions. So good!

Still as good and the old days, but I think the size has gotten a bit smaller. Such a good classic place for decent ice cream!

The steak was ok but the hotplate overcooks it after a while.... garlic steak had fried garlic at the top but garlic taste was not strong and the steak was kind of dry. The best part of this was the loaded potatoes!

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Only the Thai Wanton Mee here is nice - very fatty and delicious sauce coating the noodles. We ordered a crab omelete but only got a plain omelete which was quite fluffy so it was ok, but the Thai basil chicken was terrible. Tasted completely off, no basil and wasn’t spicy.

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Decent pasta dish but honestly not worth such a hefty price tag.

Waffles were super light and crispy. Favourite flavours were the honeycomb and cookies & cream!

Loved the potstickers which were super crispy at the bottom. Love the Zha Jang Mian too it was rly yummy w the chewy noodles. The fried rice was just normal but pretty good, up to standard.

Noodles here are always al dente, never mushy! Love the vinegar kick from the sauce too.

My family loves this place. The collagen soup is very rich and very yummy. Vegetables and meat are also super fresh. Great service too!

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