A combination of good burger and fries. This outlet is a little small, had difficulties in getting a seat. But this couldn’t stop us from going for the burger. Tried portobello mushroom, recommended!

Overall the food is good, something different compared to those typical western brunch. Redeemed the 1-for-1 deal on Burpple during our first visit. The waitress wasn’t friendly when we mentioned about Burpple, but the cashier was certainly a very friendly and patient chap! And do take note that the 1-for-1 isn’t really 1-for-1. They deducted $14.90 from our total bill even though the total bill amount was $34. Recommend the smoked pork cervelat and meatloaf. Will definitely go back to try other food.

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Only selling 2 types of food, lmk and siewmai. But the queue is always so long. Sold out before 10am daily, go earlier to avoid disappointment. Decent dim sum in a hawker centre.

Nice food by the riverside, perfect! The burger is different from American burgers. Very huge portion, especially the sides. Was too full to finish the burger after eating the fries. They serve good German beer too.

Colleagues said this is so much better than McD. Well, good price, good food, no reason to say no. Personally like their cheese burger and onion rings.

Must-go place in Chinatown. With three shoplots and it is still very crowded, you can imagine their business. Enjoy having a decent bowl of tong shui after a long walk in Chinatown. They serve hot and cold dessert. Personally like the peanut and sesame paste.

Our must-go place in AMK. Always crowded with people. Serves good Malaysian good, ranging from chendol, fried oyster, prawn noodle to bkt.

Reminds me of Malaysian bkt. It’s uncommon to get herbal soup type of bkt in Singapore. This is one of the few. They also have other pots like claypot chicken rice, black sweet vinegar pot trotter.

2nd floor of Paya Lebar Square. Serves decent chicken in pot. Tried all of their mains, ranging from chicken pot to fish pot to curry. Love all of them. Good choice of dinner in rainy nights

Tried their chocolate ice cream. It was so good that we went back to buy their chocolate cake. Support local chocolate!

I realised that the menu is so colourful, full of different colour drinks. But I’d still prefer the normal bubble tea. Not a bubble tea fan, but I still think that the drink is good. They do serve dessert besides beverages.

First try for this ban mian. Waited for almost an hour during dinner time. Personally think nothing is special about it, just an ordinary bowl of ban mian wit huh handmade noodles