Feeling the Korean vibes? Great drink to try, good for sharing. Worth it with burpple 141.


Patronised the shop late around 8.30pm, all rice bowls were sold out except unagi don. Rice portion is petite.. Unagi is soft and warm. Many different types of hot sauce to try at the sauce corner. There was one green hot sauce which was empty but not replaced.

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Two thin slices of pork chops, few seemingly remnants of vege, the rice drizzled with dark sauce. $4.50

If you've got the feel to indulge in expensive fast food you can try this but don't keep high expectations and the thick is referring to the bread and not the patty. It definitely filled the tummy well. $12+ for just alacarte or add $3.50 to complete the set. Only a slight hint of Portobello mushroom taste to it, beef patty not dry, fries and onion rings are crispy good. Condiments like salsa are free flow..

Meat is so good it almost melts in the mouth. Easily 2 bowls of rice with the sauce which is not too salty.

It's such a perfect fusion. No judgemental eyes for using chopsticks while having carbonara. They serve chilli padi on the side btw if you are keen 😋

Ordered the ribs only with rice and its $12.50 before taxes. Soup is peppery. Already thinking maybe somewhere else more worth.

Breakfast came soft and warm with melted cheese, plus no queue in the morning. Pressed scramble egg style. Different variations from $2.50 onwards.


Food came fast and portion is considered big for $8.50. Two pieces of lamb chop in this.

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Initially thought the price is steep for a coffee shop western meal but it came in huge portion so still a pass. Chicken is crispy.