This dish is slightly on the pricey side at $27 but it’s a dish worth saving up for. The crispy outer layer accompanied with the tender cod fish makes such a good combination.

Never visit dianxiaoer and not order the signature 东波肉! Look at the glistening fatty layer which disintegrates in your mouth just like cream and the tender 瘦肉 that gives a nice texture to the dish. One of my favourite dishes here!!

Chiffon cake loaded with chunks of legit durian filling. One of the best durian cakes out there. I don’t usually enjoy frosting on cake but this is an exception as it’s not overly creamy. Will definitely repurchase!!

Went there on a weekday afternoon, so waiting time was very short! The bread has a nice sweet taste to it, patty is tender but felt that overall it’s slightly dry. Nonetheless, it’s a good try, will be back to try other flavours.

Cuppa Lava Cake:
Cake served hot with molten chocolate 🍫 which tastes rich and creamy! However, I’m not a fan of the vanilla ice cream that comes with it as it tastes too milky and doesn’t complement the lava cake.

Dark chocolate gelato that tastes slightly bitter but overall a decent ice cream 🍨

Will not come back for the lava cake as I have tasted better elsewhere, may come back to try their signature chocolate cake instead!

We went there on a Saturday weekend and many flavours were unavailable. Decided to go with a fruity flavour— almond coconut and it was surprisingly nice. You can taste shreds of coconut flesh together with the almond. The almond adds a nice texture and nutty flavour to the ice cream. Was surprised to find bits of chocolate hidden in there! Oh, not to forget the fruity pebble cone! It’s very sweet and if you don’t have a sweet tooth just go with the usual waffle cone.

Conclusion: I don’t think that it’s worth the $10, especially the cone which costs $3. If you have extra room for desert, would advise you to try the Tokyo cheese factory sundae instead which is just right around the corner. Perhaps birds of paradise which is one level up is a better option too.

Lobster Roll
The lobster is very substantial inside the roll and tastes very fresh. It comes with a cheese sauce which complements it very well. The texture of the lobster is slightly chewy but just nice. The bucket of fries is quite filling and crispy. Overall, it’s worth the try.

Mayfair Burger & The Hot One
Both burgers are a cut above the rest. Feels that it’s better than shake shack’s one. Not sure whether the hot one was supposed to be spicy but there was only a hint of pepper taste.

May not go back anytime soon because of the price. But if you haven’t tried before, it deserves a try!

Managed to get the thyme cone which is limited to 200 cones daily. It has a subtle herbal taste which was not too overpowering, but may not want to get it again.

As for the ice cream, the midnight gianduja which is made of hazelnut and dark chocolate is very rich and not too sweet. The sea salt hojicha is an interesting flavour but not to my liking. It tastes quite like matcha to me with a hint of salt.

Conclusion: Would come back to try other flavours like the lychee raspberry but would not order these two flavours again because they’re not mindblowingly good

Ordered the Bellota Loin Katsu Curry and the Mille Feuille Shoulder Iberico Tonkatsu Set.

Bellota Loin Katsu Curry: This was super disappointing because the pork was not only dry and really tough!!

Mille Feuille Tonkatsu Set: This was the complete opposite of the Bellota Loin that we ordered, the pork was so tender that it falls off even as we are picking up. There’s a melt in your mouth texture.

Conclusion: Would totally go back for the Mille Feuille Tonkatsu. If you know what to order, it would be a pleasant dining experience. Just don’t order the bellota loin.

Was too eager to try before I snapped the photo 😅 This is their signature cow cow sundae for $8.50 and it’s worth every single penny! There’s 3 flavours for the soft serve and I got the twist one which is a mix of milk and cheese flavour. Didn’t regret getting the mix flavour because the cheese is really rich (from both the ice cream and cheesecake) and can get a little jelat after a while so the milk taste kinds of balance it out. The cheesecake (don’t belittle its small size) is one of the best cheesecake I’ve eaten 🤤 not to forget the salt and camembert cracker, superb!!

Tried the chimney pistachio and was quite disappointed that it didn’t taste as good as it looks. The chocolate ice cream tastes rather cheap, similar to the quality at Macs. The pretzel cone is quite subpar too. Not worth the $6.50. Will not buy again :/