It was great. we went around 11 and it was pretty crowded already. waiting time was about 20 mins. the rosti was perfectly made and came with some sour cream on the side.

As it’s located within the coffee shop near dominos, it can get pretty humid. do wear light!!


i really like this dessert. the donut is made fresh and it’s crispy but soft on the inside. they were really generous with the mochi. the soft serve was creamy and tasty. would be better if they used vanilla soft serve or offer other flavours.

waiting time was about 30-45 mins ~ rating: 4/5

the sourdough was crispy and perfect. the scrambled eggs was soft and tasty - not too dry, just right :) perfect for brunch indeed.

the proportion of beef and rice was like 1:2. it came with a miso soup but the miso soup was lacking in flavour and didn’t have any seaweed or tofu!!

beef on its own was good!!! and what’s a donburi without an egg. it looks good aesthetically but as a whole i’ll rate this 50/50.

plus we didn’t know it came with a drink. we only found out when it was on the receipt!!!!

service is not so good ;(

The 3 cuts of beef was simply out of this world. The beef was juicy and tender. With the charcoal grill, it gives your beef a smoky flavour!! You also get to control how you like your beef. I prefer to sear it a little on both sides and having the center raw 😋

It is a little pricey but a must try for beef lovers!!

The minute the truffle aroma fills the room, I knew the dish we’ve ordered is coming. if you love truffle, this is a must have. It’s creamy and really satisfies your truffle addiction. If you want to go all out?? pair it with their truffle fries 😝

This dessert is a soft serve ice cream topped with a cheesecake and a cookie. Every part of this sundae is really good!! So cheesy and creamy. I’ll definitely come back for more ~

For this sweet treat, you have the option to choose between a stack of 4 or 8. Do note that their cooking style of pancakes is to serve them when they’re are 80% cooked. So, don’t be alarmed. Pancake wise, i love the combination caramelised apples and caramel sauce. i’ll definitely go back and order the same thing!

My partner for today’s review ordered the chocolate and grilled banana pancake. Inside the pancake, there were some stuffings of fresh banana. if you love banana and chocolate, i think this is something for you.

Not exactly beer but it’s cold ramen drenched in their own special sauce. came with some tempura fritters. the novelty is there ~ but may not be something that i’ll go back for.

i love how flavourful this dish is. i’m never a fan of oyako don(s) but this was good. will definitely go back!!

The place is beautiful. It seems like a perfect date spot. Sit outside for a scenic view of the park. The fried Camembert came with a berry sauce that was absolutely delish. I am an absolute fan. You can order the truffle mayo to go with the fries. 9/10!! 😍

The cheese pizza was a little sad. Perhaps they served it a little later. The cheese was quite cool and was not as stretchy as it was supposed to. The chicken was not bad. Wished it was marinated a little more or had more sauce.