Ah Yat Seafood On 21 Oct 2023 @12.40pm Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant (Sims Way) delivered the Suckling Pig, Shark Fin & Seafood Set ($864 for 6 pax). The Fried Sea Prawns with Spicy Sauce was stale, the prawns were unfresh, texture was mushy and slimy and emitted rancid aroma. The family felt unwell and nauseous after eating it. We provided feedback to Miss Angie Sim (the restaurant coordinator), she denied the issues raised and offered a refund of $16 (which she stated as the cost of the prawns). We declined the offer as the amount was insignificant as compared to the total cost of the package. Instead we asked for the restaurant to do a replacement, which had no issues, a contradiction to Miss Sim’s claims. Overall, it was a very unpleasant experience, and we will not be ordering from them again. Hope this experience serves as a caution for people looking to purchase from the restaurant.