8/10 b burger + curly fries

i enjoy the pairing of caramelised onions with the sauce & fresh veggies. not a bad burger!

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9/10 ordered: chilli crab pasta, beef lasagna, truffle fries, iced brighton & mocha
i visit pretty often as love the ambiance there, and it’s pet friendly too! so many cute dogs to look at and pet if their owners allow you to :) food might not be fantastic but the ✨vibes✨ are so good there

🍊iced brighton: probably my FAVOURITE in this cafe,, coffee + chocolate + orange peel. a MUST TRY if u enjoy coffee and want something different

🦀chilli crab pasta: i don’t eat spicy foods so it kinda killed my taste buds but otherwise, a super generous portion of soft shell crab, prawn & dory as sides

🐮beef lasagna: pretty hard for this one to go wrong but i like how i didn’t get gelat after eating this one

☕️ iced mocha: a strong coffee flavour that is well balanced with the chocolate, another classic

** i love their breads, brioche in particular but i didn’t buy it this time. get the staff to toast it for you and pair with their homemade jam/butter 😍

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10/10 i ordered braised beef cheeks, grilled pork chop, orange bread pudding [total $48 with burpple 1-1]

braised beef cheeks: the beef was really tender and fragrant, sautéed mushrooms and mashed potatoes complemented each other really well together with the red wine sauce

grilled pork chop: loved the refreshing sautéed cabbage and apple purée at the side. the pork went really well with the sauce which was a little sour, making it fresh every bite

orange bread pudding + a shot of flaming Grand Marnier: loved the different textures of the crispy caramelised exterior of the bread which went really well with the melting soft ice cream and crunchy almonds. the grand marnier also served to enhance the flavours of the fresh mandarin oranges & vanilla ice cream

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10/10 i surprisingly enjoyed this more than their original, the matcha really brings out the sweetness of the red bean!

one of my favourite taiyakis as they really stuff a lot of liao inside it and the red bean here has such a balanced natural sweetness as opposed to many other stores

must try if you’re at takashimaya and like jap sweets!!!

10/10: you’d never have guessed a quaint little bakery under a hdb block would produce such good cupcakes (i find these wayyyy better than 12 cupcakes) went to this bakery plenty times whenever i needed a pick me up & explored their many unique flavours!

“dark grey” : chocolate base with earl grey ganache & topped with cacao nibs. my personal favourite cause i love chocolate as well as tea!

“cranberry pistachio” : vanilla base with pistachio cream. there’s also a strong almondy smell to this, it’s a unique cupcake!

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7/10: ordered the bacon honey & magherita pizza, both were not too bad, although i felt a little gelat after having 5 pieces.

do note that there’s also no seating area here, so pizzas are only on takeaway! they have another shop (mian), in the same shop, that sells fusion food & offers some pretty interesting dishes too. sadly burpple doesn’t offer a 1-1 for that.

7/10: ordered the truffle chicken & cajun chicken using the burpple beyond 1-1 deal.
really enjoyed the truffle chicken, the dipping sauce for both were pretty similar besides the truffle oil.
serving was slightly smaller than the usual western food & oily but overall a good experience!