Sliced Fish Bee Hoon is my usual go-to comfort food, and this is one of the best I've ever had. Broth was rich and flavourful, and had a generous portion of thick fish slices which were well-cooked and springy without a fishy smell or aftertaste.

Ordered Kopi Peng and White Choc Speculoos. As its name suggests, the Kopi Peng flavour really made me feel like I was drinking kopi at the kopitiam, loved the richness! White Choc Speculoos flavour was also just right in sweetness.

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Generous serving of fresh and thickly-sliced salmon. The portion of rice was just nice for me, but big eaters may find it a bit too small. Overall very worth it to get your salmon rice bowl fix.

Would definitely come back!

Used 50% off on Eatigo (ala carte items). We came on a weekday night, so the restaurant was only half-filled and relatively quiet. Service was good and food was served in about 10 minutes or less.

Broths were tasty and not too salty or oily, though I personally would have preferred if the pork bone broth was slightly richer. Meat and seafood were fresh. Especially loved their Dragon Fruit Prawn Paste!

Overall a satisfying meal with the discount!

The broth was very flavourful and full of ingredients. Prawns and clams were also fresh. The seafood taste in the broth added a refreshing change from the usual kimchi stews I have had, loved it!

- Soy Garlic 6pc Wings ($12.50)
- Honey Butter 6pc Wings ($12.50)
- Chicken Ramen ($6.50)

The wings were crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, a perfect combination! I especially loved their Soy Garlic wings. Chicken ramen was also tasty.

Would definitely come back here again!

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Good comfort food on a rainy day☺️ The broth had a good balance of flavour, though it was on the oilier end. The chicken was fairly tender, not too dry. Portion might be a bit small for big eaters though.

The dish itself was nothing to shout about, but overall, price was reasonable for the quality. Do also note that the chicken is not stuffed with glutinous rice, as expected of most Samgyetang elsewhere.

I must say that I really loved their homemade kimchi though! It had a great balance between sourness, spiciness, sweetness and saltiness. Would consider coming back again to try their other dishes!