was always skeptical towards impossible meat bc how can non-meat-meat taste like meat-meat but wOw colour me impressed bc their impossible beef patty tasted EXACTLY like beef…… how????? i’ve heard and read reviews where restaurants serve up impossible meat that taste nothing like real meat but i’m so glad that my first try @ impossible meat was such an enjoyable one 🥲

lady boss was rly friendly too! she came over to ask me and my partner how the food was and explained that impossible meat was NOT a brand. instead, impossible meat is just the product that is bought by different f&b outlets and so the taste of the patties differs due to the way they’re being cooked + the recipes they used.

can i also add that i LOVED their buns?!?! one of the best burger buns i’ve ever eaten - soft, fluffy, and just the right amount of butteriness to it 👌🏼 for a non-burger lover like me, i’ve gotta give this impossible burger an 8.5/10 man.

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they were still warm when i bought them and couldn’t resist eating one in the car! ate another one immediately after bc it was JUST THAT GOOD. i loved how crispy, flakey and buttery the crusts were. just look at those distinct layers.... *.* the custard was a biiiit sweet for me but all’s good as the slightly salty crust neutralises it and makes every mouth SO. MINDBLOWING.

would 10/10 buy them again if i’m arnd that area!!!!!!

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also freshly fried upon our order + thick cuts of meat + lovely seasoning on the skin = 7.5/10!!! fats:meat was a 1:0.5, which sadly, wasn’t to my preference. chili sauce provided didn’t add much oomph to the dish too. it looks bigger in the picture bc of the angle but it was q sad for the price.

freshly fried upon our order + more meat than skin/dry chilli (THANK U) = 7.5/10!!! would be better if they spread the seasoning more evenly... felt like i ate a whole tsp of salt when i bit onto some pieces #当场死掉。also, the same for the rest of the dishes, $16 for the portion..... not exactly the cheapest.

fragrantly fried pearl rice + good amount of wok hey + rather generous amount of crab meat & tobiko = 8.5/10!!! would rate it higher if the portion was bigger bc $16 🥲 this portion’s good to be shared between 2 pax btw!

liked how fragrant the rempah sauce was on the tender pieces beef cheeks! tried this for the first time and i’d rate this a 5/10... felt like the coconut in their their blue pea coconut rice could’ve been more intense and the grains could’ve been much firmer. didn’t enjoy eating the rice because it was mushy which was a big no from me. fried egg was also v dry and felt like they fried a bunch beforehand and left it out at the side. nothing much to shoutout for their achar and koropok too which explains why it’s a 5/10 for me.

just imagine a generous amount of creamy scrambled eggs along with thin slices of parma ham nestled on a thick, fluffy piece of brioche. oh, and a rly strong truffle aroma which could be smelt even before the waiter reached our table. don’t be fooled (like me) by how small it look because it was actually quite filling!! second time trying this dish and i’d still rate it a 8/10 ✨