House cured meat, great service and overall good vibes

Sourdough, nut spread, orange-glazed tofu, broccoli & cauliflower florets blanched in mushrooms stock topped with pickled yellow zucchini ribbons

Vegan food made simple and inviting. Well designed menu with hearty meat-less meals. Leaving feeling satisfied !

10 courses curated by renowned Chef David Chang. Caribbean inspired menu this time round, amazing experience along with great service stuff

Wide range of Italian wines to select from the list that pairs well with the food. Ambience and atmosphere was great; food could have been more interesting.

Asian flavors in western style desserts! Taro soft serve was the ultimate winner

Simple yet elegant Korean inspired dishes. Feels like something mum would make but kicked up another notch. Reasonably priced and awesome service!

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Recently awarded a One Michelin Star, Rhubarb's lunch menu was worthwhile priced at $42++ for an excellent 3 course meal!

Extensive list of French wines that pairs well with the food. They play with seasonal ingredients making it a new experience every time you dine with them.

Beautiful ambience with authentic Italian food, great wine list & cheese selection. It's a little pricey but worth it for a special occasion

Delicate and simple cooking methods that allows the ingredients to bring out its natural flavor. Price is on the high side as well but the view is magnificent, pretty ideal for a special occasion!

Interesting twist on Korean and modern cooking. The dishes were well plated with a contemporary tone; wide selections of wines as well. check out their lunch menu for an awesome experience without the price tag!