We got the premium Don ($22.80) + drink ($3.80) burpple set and it was absolutely delicious - the scallop was sweet and fresh, the sashimi was a generous portion of tuna and salmon. And the rice was buttery and v umami with the seaweed flavours and bonito flakes mixed in! V affordable chirashi place in a central location.

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The steak was absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly. It's best to order medium if you like medium rare usually cos it tends to be bloodier than usual. Shout out to the staff who patiently explained the diff types of pork chop to me and gave me excellent recommendations for food and alcohol. Great service and delicious food! Will definitely come back again.


Mouth watering Beef Cheeks Bourguignon paired well with Shoestring fries with Aonori Ko Salt ..
Love the ambiance with lush greenery of Shiseido Forest Valley In the backdrop. Great Burpple 1-1 main course deal

Fried rice packed with flavour, drinks not too sweet (yet flavourful), pad thai's flavourful and it's not too moist or dry.

THE TOM YUM (clear soup). THE TOM YUM IS SPICIER THAN MCSPICY. But good nonetheless. Spice lovers - enjoyπŸ‘©β€πŸš’

(Bukit Batok's chain)

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All the cakes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but really unique in taste and texture. The 1-1 burpple makes it worth it, however I would be hesitant to pay the full price for the cakes + tea

We had the kaya pancakes, pork burger, chilli crab scramble, 2 flat whites and 1 cappuccino. The food was good, though the prices were steep and only worth it with the burpple deal. We were also served by a friendly male staff. My only gripe is the service from the bespectacled female staff, who told us rather brusquely, 'You will need to return your table soon'. Understandably, the place was getting full and we were finishing our food, but the manner of communication soured an otherwise good experience.

The sauce was pretty good! Although the pasta was a tad overdone and the pork cheek was slightly hard. Overall, it was a good dish though, and really worth the 1-1!

I wasn’t expecting much, just a typical breakfast dish, but boy was this good. The cheesy chicken sausage paired really nicely with the rocket, though the scrambled eggs is a little too milky.

The music was really good though, perfect for the nostalgia 90s baby.

Best and super legit beef noodles I have ever tasted. The noodles was soft and smooth and just the right amount of chewiness. We ordered the mala beef noodles ($9.50) and the specialty beef noodles ($8.50) with the set of a side dish and a drink (+ $4 each). The mala soup was super shiok, spicy and the chives and relishes really complements the soup very well. I highly recommend this place for cheap and good beef noodles. 😊