Mega late on the customisable sushi bandwagon. Mega-san includes 1 wrap + 1 rice + 5 essentials + 1 sprinkles + 1 specials + 1 house sauce. K commented that my combination was quite good but I believe it's the freshness of the ingredients la. (I had the traditional nori + brown rice + avocado + crunchy jellyfish + roasted mushroom + steamed ebi + sweet corn + wasabi furikake + yuzu sesame + grilled unagi fyi.) 15% discount with PAssion/ NTUC card! Blur picture because we were busy ranting about work to each other hahaha.

We actually ordered a lot more than this including burritos & burrito bowls so we got to try almost all the fillings except the grilled steak (spicy) & veggie. Was actually quite disappointed because we specially travelled down for this. Only really enjoyed the hard taco & fish filling. The other fillings were either mediocre or too salty. Don't bother adding guacamole in your burrito if you're having any of the meat fillings because it would overpower any tinge of guacamole sweetness.

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Unintentional super healthy breakfast with C lol. The bircher with a twist was understandably bland but rich in texture. The 'avo' on toast however was on point in both taste & texture. Ordered using the entertainer app but honestly the price point here is pretty competitive considering where the cafรฉ is situated. + points for friendly staff, free flow water & wifi access wee!

Used the entertainer app & got 2 Rising Sun Half Rolls at $6.90 with my colleague hoho. Had my half roll in front of my workspace but it was no sad lunch because of the generous portion of ingredients. Wanted to order this for our meeting next week but tak halal ๐Ÿ˜”

Evidently still in my waffle season. Pretty certain this is one of the cheapest Belgian waffles you can find these days. Not forgetting the huge portion of fries that comes along with it. Seriously, ่ฟ™ไนˆๅˆ’็ฎ—ๅŽปๅ“ช้‡Œๆ‰พ๏ผŸ๏ผThe chicken was cooked just right. Neither oily nor salty. + No thick layer of fats that scream atherosclerosis in your face & make you feel all self conscious. (Disclaimer: the author accepts no responsibility for your health if you decide to have this everyday.) Also, had the value lunch set that includes a choice of protein, carb, side, & sauce. Not a huge fan of any we picked except the curry sauce. But at this price point, Truly Test already outperformed. There was a camera crew filming when we were there so we had our 1 minute of fame while ordering food in the background hahaha. Bonus: You can also head down to Hock Siong & Co. (on the 1st floor of the same building) after your meal to uncover funky secondhand furniture.

Because the birthday girl wanted waffle instead of cake. No complaints because this is my go-to waffle! Iirc the sauce costs an additional 50 cents but seriously don't save on that because the gula melaka sauce really ็”ป้พ™็‚น็› for (adds the finishing touch to) the waffle + pandan ice cream. Had the ice cream served separately so our waffle wouldn't go soggy.

Came for the waffle & we weren't disappointed. Worth braving the weekend lunch crowd for. Unlike regular pizzas, the pizza waffle remains good & soft even when it's all cooled down because we were talking too much. As expected, cheese is good in all respects. (Off topic: anyone who lacks cheese in life can refer to SJK in DOTS. He is so cheesey I cannot.) Also enjoyed the duck confit. It was a wee bit ่€ (old) but still good. I actually didn't care much for the duck because the mashed potato & zesty sauce stole the show. Seriously, I will love anyone that can cook me that every day. Also, I take really shitty pictures of my food these days.

Were actually lured here by the smell of the laksa but E & I already ate so we decided to try the kuehs because of how psychedelic they looked. Disappointedly, the yam talum tasted only so-so & the gula melaka in the chendol kueh was too overpowering that I felt no chendol. The kuehs fared well texture wise though - 1/2 softness & fluffiness + 1/2 chewiness with QQ bits for the chendol kueh. The kuehs weren't too heavy as well. At SGD1, I think it's a pretty acceptable snack to have a chat over. Bonus: funky jewel biscuit & ang ku kueh cushions as photo props that no one except us seemed interested with lol. Laksa next time!


Was given the choice of either vanilla or taro ice cream. Glad S went with the latter because anything taro cannot go wrong with me hahaha. Liked that this wasn't overly sweet but this was a bit too heavy for an after meal dessert. The star of this dish is without a doubt the mochi. If I could buy them separately, I would.

Our attempt to be hipsters by going to this recently opened cafรฉ lol. Not sure if it's because they've not settled, but I am a little disappointed with the food here. Couldn't really taste the truffle oil from the fries & the waffles were a wee bit too bland & soggy for my liking. Perhaps it's done so to complement the toppings but the waffles were missing some sparks. I preferred the poached egg bacon waffle while S preferred the salted egg chicken waffle. S felt that the hollandaise sauce was a tad too sweet but I liked the sweet-savoury harmony of the poached egg bacon waffle. The salted egg chicken waffle lacked this synergy so I recommend just ordering the salted egg chicken bites (SGD8) without the waffle. The service was good though!

Super flavourful and hearty dumplings filled with mushrooms, carrots, chestnuts, beancurds, french beans, & more. The dumpling soup (SGD9.50) comes with 6 huge dumplings + some xiao bai cai & carrots which are just enough to satiate me. Reminded me of Poland & its pierogi ๐Ÿ˜ข I'll be back, Poland!

Somehow doesn't taste as good as it did pre-renovation & marketing? But the century egg porridge & prawn rice roll (not in picture) are still good.

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