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Ordered 2 lunch sets and was made more affordable with discount of $3 on Waitrr app. Contactless payment as well. Service crew were very friendly, food is nice but portion could be bigger. Perfect portion size for OL. Will recommend Chicken Roulade.

Speculoos and salty caramel was good! Earl Grey lavender was overpowered by the lavender taste. Overall, ice cream is smooth. Cafe is cold and quiet for dates.


I thought it was smooth ice cream but it turned out to be Bingsu instead. Full of icy bits. Flavours tasted mild.

Ordered truffle cream pasta with a drink (1 for 1). Pasta was good but personally felt the black pepper overpowered the truffle taste. Good service and relatively empty.


Had the hazelnut and pistachio tarts 1 for 1 at $8.50. Overall taste for hazelnut = Nutella. Not fond of the taste. Pistachio was OK. Cutlery broke piece by piece as I started eating.