Pricing was alright 2 Pax for about $93+

Live crabs but the rest is just frozen prawns , lobster , oyster and etc

Here's the downside
1) when we reach and paid for our item we were escorted to our tables noticing that there were actually bigger tables we were given a Pathetic small table.

2) food wasn't handle with gloves by the staff but bare hands given that a high priced we paid I believe it would be good for the boss to invest in some gloves for the staff

3) meats wasn't label so you won't know which meat you're taking and they simply mix everything up and expect u to difference shape from it (I'm not a person who takes beef so I had to skip that section and only took seafood)

4) we waited near to 30 mins for our charcoal pot to arrive but other tables get it first then us which we did ask the staff a few times and mention to them.

Promotions of $12.80
Inclusive of
1 drink
1 mega-San
1 snack

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$1 - $3 per stick

Total personal record 55 sticks 😂

Affordable pricing and cheap!

Open till 4am good place for supper

4:30AM you see store started opening with economic noodles and drinks stall both opening at the same time.

Ordering can be taken around 4:45AM.

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