Warm fluffy pockets of love, like floating on a cloud when these pillows touch your lips! Will definitely recommend the chocolate and caramel syrup combination for optimal enjoyment 🙂

Table a bit small but food is very good! Prawns were easy to peel and tasted good!

Gyuniku curry don was flavourful and enjoyable. The breaded fish in the sakana katsu cheese don was a tad dry. Food took around 25 mins to arrive, when restaurant was ard 1/4 to 1/3 full on a weekday afternoon. Service crew who attended to us was somewhat curt. Was an average meal overall.

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Second visit! The mains - dang gui & assam chicken - were tender, juicy and flavourful; the imperial coffee was strong and "gao" enough. Overall, 'twas a comforting meal!

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This was not bad but the cheesecake wins hands down

The cheesecake is a-ma-zing! No words.

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A very hearty meal, comfort food for the soul. Enjoyed it a lot and the bread is soft and chewy!

Very good and the salad seems to have tom yam sauce drizzled over - refreshing!

This was surprisingly good! Wasn't sure how this would taste but it was a pleasant surprise:)

Coffee taste was a little too strong and could be slightly sweeter but overall still a good choice!

Not usually a hor fun person but this is just amazingly good! Must-try!

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Affordable and tasteful. Delights the palate without breaking the wallet:)

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