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The flavours are intense, so totally my type and not for those who prefers something light. In addition, it is one of the few places where I was totally comfortable using my hands for the sushi as everything came pre-seasoned and there’s no need to dip them in soy sauce.
No need for special mention as I loved everything, but the warabi mochi bathing in kuromitsu and topped with kinako powder is ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks @kkokko25 for letting me steal your photo of the sushi in your hand (nicer sushi and nicer hand). I’m really bad at such angles 🤣 #sushikoike #sushikoikesg #omakase #sushiomakase #sushi #warabimochi #burpple #burpplesg

So thick and chewy with a crispy crust and a light herby fragrance 🥰 The combination of 3 different types of cheese helps to cut down on the richness, but this is definitely for those who likes more intense flavours 🙋🏻‍♀️
Otherwise, it’s a good idea to have it together with the egg salad, which was a bit bland for my tastebuds 😝 The nori is a nice touch though! They made such a filling meal, we were not left with much space for desserts...
Mushroom sandwich is very recommended too. Oh, and if see any delicious bakes, don’t hesitate! We wanted to get some scones after our meal, but the whole tray was wiped out by then 🤣
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Remains remarkably soft in the obanyaki, even when heated up the next day 😋
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No need to throw 2 of these in my check-in luggage when I’m flying back from Taiwan 😂

Don’t be shocked at their size!(or weight!) They keep well in the fridge, a few minutes in the toaster oven and it’s heavenly as ever. Too bad my favourite flavour, 梅引茶香 (境小葉紅茶、梅山原梅、梅子清酒) is not available.... Yet? Hope @wupaochunsg can bring that in next time! 😍

Other must try breads are Brown Sugar 嘿撞吐 and 葱上云霄 😋 Take advantage of the storewide promotion till 20th Jun to try more flavours!
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😢 Missing this Lotus Caramelised Biscuit frozen yogurt.... I wanted to have this in a more satisfying Sanum!! 💔 #llaollao #llaollaosg #froyo #lotuscaramelisedbiscoff #cookiebutter #burpple #burpplesg

So JUICY, and goes harmoniously with all other ingredients. Word of advice: Don’t share this, you simply won’t get enough of the deliciousness 🤤🤤
What you can share is the well seasoned crinkle cut fries! And 400g of suckling pig 😂
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😐 We need more quality time!
At least I got to enjoy a hand brewed iced Ethiopia Diamond lot 1318 with sensory notes of white peach, pineapple and honey.
Hope to be back soon to try the rest of their coffee, tea and chocolate!
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萩 Hagi
Seasonal starter - yuba with ikura and grated yuzu
Chawanmushi with crab and shirako
Seasonal sashimi
Grilled butterfish
Sushi - red snapper, buri, maguro, kamasu, chutoro, shiromi with uni salt
Grilled scallop wrapped with seaweed
Uni ikura don
Clam soup
Monaka with sesame mochi & azuki, mikan

Even though it was my 2nd buffet in 3 days 🤣 Other than the dim sum items, there are appetisers, soups, meat, seafood and vegetable items to choose from. Definitely more hits than misses!
My favourites are the roasted pork belly (likely the best I have eaten) with the impossibly crispy skin, pig trotters vinegar, wasabi prawns, crispy bean curd roll with prawn & lychee and the avocado pudding with black sesame ice cream, though they seem to have replaced the black bean pudding with pandan pudding!
Biggest disappointment were the mussels which had such a strong taste of capsicums and the 流沙包 with yam and custard instead of salted egg yolk, though the seeds on the bun looked so pretty!
We ate from 1:30-4pm, and were so full that half of us skipped dinner that day, so I would say we did get our money’s worth 😆
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You get free salmon sashimi slices equal to your age! Time to bring your Ah Gong Ah Ma out for a meal! 🙊
When in doubt, just order the mini loco moco don! I like it better than the ramen which is much lighter in taste than it looks. But look at that beef!! 😍

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