The cocktail is quite fanciful but doesn't taste as good. Nevertheless the ambience is 10/10 with interesting mini golf course that allow you to play with your friends.

Will definitely come again for the games and ambience! ⭐

I ordered the dark truffle, hazelnut and salted caramel with almonds. I think I will prefer the dark truffle as the chocolate is really rich and thick!

However limited seats available at this outlet.

The crepe is thin and slightly crispy. Ordered the nutella and banana flavour as this is a won't go wrong choice however it is quite sweet at the end.

Top up another $5.90 to complete the meal with soup and ice lemon tea.

I find this quite a decent egg ben - muffins and bacons got abit hard at the end. The portion is filling.

Great place for traditional dessert, especially the peanut paste. Really like the strong taste and smell of peanut πŸ₯œ

A cup of traditional teh to starts my day right πŸ«–πŸŒž

Best bubble tea!!! Fragrant tea and chewy pearls πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ their seasonal special cocoa boba is not bad too!

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I like how they are so generous in giving the curry gravy. The omelette is very fluffy and goes so well with the curry!! πŸ‘

You can choose how spicy you want your curry to be. I enjoy spicy food so decided to go with level 2 🌢🌢 I think I will try level 3 the next time.

For the price of $16.80++, you get a plate of meat (choose between pork, lamb, beef, chicken and fish) + vegetables and mushrooms + free soup base (if more than 2 set ordered) + free flow drinks!

Very worth it if more than 2 diners!!! 🌟

Who's say you can only eat ice cream on a hot sunny day?

Head down to udders on rainy day and enjoy $1 waffles with every 2 scoops ordered! πŸ‘πŸ¦

Flavour: awesomely chocolate and baileys & bourbon

Definitely my favourite fish head steamboat! 🐟The small size has quite generous portion of fried fish, taro and lettuce for 2 pax.

PS: Avoid dinner hours for large crowd.

Quite addictive - Sweet and chewy! Good weekend snacks πŸ˜‹

For 100g, you can get around 5 pieces.