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super good supper spot selling zichar hehe the beef slices were super tender we ordered the $12 one weeee and also ordered the claypot chicken and 2 aiyu jelly omg real cool find yall shld try 🙊

Bought the Salted Butterscotch And Isaphan (Lychee rose) flavored icecream with the burpple beyond deal and topped up for a waffle (for only $7.70) WHAT A STEALLL YAY HEHE!! the staff were really nice and friendly aw and their waffles were crispy yet fluffy in the middle really a good combi to have 10/10 ambience with good music ✌🏻 really value for money if you’d ask me unlike other dessert/ icecream shops charging exorbitant prices >:(

guys please try this salmon mentai don!! this stall is a hidden gem located at the third floor of fortune centre (tho it gets slightly crowded thx to the lunch crowds lmaoo) but woah the staff here are so courteous and polite!! they serve a wide variety of food here but what i tried was the salmon mentai bowl upsized ($14+) instead of the regular one ($11+)! they aburi-ed the salmon and gave a dollop of mentaiko sauce in the middle which was really interesting so rmb to spread em bbg 🤤 also pls try the ebi mango maki (6 pcs for $11) they were generous w the mangoes and they were super sweet & the ebi tempura were freshly fried and yumz la overall experience was gr9 hehe ambience q cosy but you wouldn’t wna stay there for long it just feels like you’re at a humble diner!! But rlly 10/10 would go back there again if im feeling a lil more high ses.

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I-scREAMS!!!!!! ordered a double scoop + double charcoal waffle and holy fudgeroni THE CEREAL MILK FLAVOUR IS TO DIE FOR!!! I also ordered like my standard earl grey and it’s ok lor i mean what can go wrong right tho abit lacking in the aroma buT WOW THE CEREAL MILK HNNNG i think its the nostalgia which hit me tbh omg i still taste it ON MY TONGUE it rlly left me impressed and i would travel all the way down to kap just to have a scoop la hands down most memorable icecream ive ever tasted... im gna go home to eat some cereals now.......