It was a rare trip to the east but glad I stumbled across this pretty space. They serve mainly waffles and cakes. Got the speculoos waffles cos I thought it's sth out of the norm and well we liked it! Waffles were soft and fluffy, not the crispy on the outside kind. Choco chip ice cream tasted a bit weird but the waffles saved the day! The cakes on display look pretty tempting too and they have many speculoos items so speculoos lovers check diz out!

Awesome brunch I would say! 18.90+ set came with a brunch main, a salad and a juice. The salad served that day was the moroccan roasted lamb salad with couscous and yoghurt, just newly launched. Not a salad person but thought the combi was great.. It's a pity they only serve brunch on Saturdays.