Beautiful Unique egg tarts.

Flavourful crispy and flaky handmade Pastry baked fresh in store

Bought: Taro/coffee/earl grey/apple cinnamon/ham

Recommend: taro

Will buy again


Tacos has generous chicken cubes and satay sauce, unique combination, worth to try out.

Carbonara serves in a claypot and maintain the warmth of Carbonara sauces. Taste great with generous mushrooms and hams.

Must try with Burpple 1 for 1!

Tried braised beef shank noodles with kway teow and spicy seafood with glass noodles. Beef is tender and well braised. Spicy seafood soup base is delicious, ingredients are generous.

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Honey Mint Green Tea and Honey Lemon Green Tea are not overly sweet, lemon overpower honey taste, but can request for more honey.

Norwegian Salmon bowl- healthy and nutritious breadstick with dip and avocado add a twist to salmon and brown rice
Pulled pork eggs Benedict- pulled pork on lightly toasted bread is delicious.

Worth the price! Tasty broth with huatiao jiu makes it unique and different.

1xMushroom Madness $16.90++
1x El Spicy Burger (with Spicy Fries) $16.90++

Ambient: cozy, family friendly

Mushroom Madness: creamy pasta with aromatic truffle taste (highly recommended)
El Spicy Burger: Perfectly cooked beef patty with fries

Serving size looks small but is filling. Beautiful Christmas decorations! Good for Christmas gathering with friends!

Flavours are Bavarian cream, chocolate cream, matcha green tea frosted, vanilla latte, matcha green tea frosted, chocolate frosted. Good for sweet tooth! Recommend chocolate cream and chocolate frosted.