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Great Food Great Place Visited Fat Belly and had the Deckle in Medium rare was really good and very well seasoned. Was definitely one of the best steaks I’ve had! Sides (we ordered the Truffle fries & creamed kale) that came with the food was of v generous amount. We ended our meal w the sticky date pudding. Overall we were v happy w the service, the portion of the food as well as the quality of the meat and how it was cooked - will definitely be back again! :)
Will Be Back Visiting fat belly for the first time, I was pleasantly surprise by the ambience - tucked away in the corner of Serene center, this is the perfect location to bring your partner on a quiet yet lavish dinner date.For starters, I had the Creamed Kale which was rich, creamy and crunchy while not being too heavy. Proportion was just right. My favorite dish of the night was the 400 day grain fed Deckle in medium rare. It was one of the better steaks I’ve had. Even without ordering sauces for the beef, it was well seasoned, succulent and juicy. Lastly, for dessert, I had the sticky date pudding w vanilla ice cream on the side, which was the perfect dish to end the night.
Beyond Expectations, And Not Only The Meat! Amazing meat, nice variety of sides, good dessert, great service, wonderful ambiance, very soft paper towels. Best steak I had in my life. I’m far from calling myself a steak connoisseur, but this steak is unforgettable. I’m writing this review and I’m literally salivating. It was so tender and juicy. Great use of the hot plate to keep the meat warm throughout the whole meal. On more technical terms, my dining partner and I got 2 medium-rare steaks, both 400 Day Grain Fed F1 Wagyu with a Marble Score of 4/5. One was the Deckle cut and the other, the Denver. The two amateurs that we are both preferred the Deckle, but more gourmet taste buds may claim otherwise. We had a hard time to pick two sides out of the options Fat Belly offers, but we opted for the Truffle Fries and Sautéed Thyme Mushroom. Both sides were nicely complementing the meat, and the portions were generous. However, while we were gobbling our fragrant truffle fries, perched from the seats by the bar, we had a peek at a side of cream kale in the making and the temptation was real. I was satisfied with the sides we got, but I would definitely try other promising ones next time! For dessert, we had a slice of cheesecake, light and flavourful, accompanied with a scoop of strawberry coulis and a drizzle of passion fruit sauce. The perfect way to end a delicious meal. Fat Belly’s location, right by Botanic Gardens, is very convenient for a date, and the ambiance was great for a Tuesday night. I had a soft spot for the music they were playing which just made everything better. On a side note, as a foreigner, you quickly realise how astoundingly hard it is to obtain paper towels in Singapore during meals. Fat Belly indeed has paper towels, and not any paper towels, only the SOFTEST, a real slice of cloud.
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