Not only is it pretty, it tastes great! The toast is crispy on the edges, soft on the inside and well-caramelized. Paired with the strawberry compote, ice-cream and candy floss, it's a perfect dessert.

Personally not a fan of sweet stuff but I really love how the textures and taste come together.

Chicken was a tad too dry (overcooked) for my liking. Waffles was average. Was a little disappointed- but the other dishes were great though. The rosti & loaded spuds were amazing.

🌟 2/5 for the chic and waffles. 3.5/5 for Joji's. Great ambience & above average food.

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While average, it's definitely worth the price and perfect if you want a cheap chirashi fix! The fish is cut into huge chunks and tasted fresh. For big eaters, do consider topping up more fish though.

Wasn't worth it getting the tofu- it's $3.50 for that small cube!

🌟 3/5

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Crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside! Earl Grey ice-cream was not too sweet (which I liked) but I'd prefer if there was a stronger tea taste. Had the Hokkaido milk ice cream too which tasted mildly sweet and went well with the croffle.

🌟 3.5/5