Headed to TDF on a weekday so the queue wasn’t crazy. I think we waited for roughly 5 mins and got a table already. Really like the vibes of this cafe. On weekends it gets a little bit too crowded though.

Requested to change the bread to waffles because I heard the waffles at SST were good. I felt that the food was pretty standard and besides the waffles, nothing really stood out. Worth visiting for their coffee and chill atmosphere though!

Presentation was 10/10. However I felt that the food was really mediocre. Might not come back here again 😂


Brioche bread layered with a thick layer of guacamole and topped with a generous serving of smoked salmon. Served with scrambled eggs and mushrooms/salad on the side. The scrambled eggs are abit drier than I would like but overall, I would say it’s pretty value for money.

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Honestly think it’s worth it only because of the 1-for-1 on Beyond. The scrambled eggs and halloumi cheese were good though!

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