Q at 9ish night and manage to get into shop before they closed last orders at 10pm.
For the price point, it is quite pricey and the sides is a mini dish. Looks big on pics. We added one side $2.90. The dorayaki is the mini size (one and only piece), probably length of pinky finger.

Taro balls with mango & red bean ($5) - Red beans are abit on the tough side still. Might be nicer if boiled slightly longer. Mango is sweet and nice and taro balls are chewy.

Herbal jelly ($4.50) - did not give extra honey. Red beans also on the rough side.

Overall still nice. 4th visit here.

Hidden within a coffee shop.

Fried mantou (bandung flavoured) - fried on the spot, slight tinge of bandung flavour, nothing overpowering.

Icecream flavour- Kaya - Surprisingly nice and goes well with the fried mantou

Price: $7

I kept them in fridge and heat up in an oven toaster for about 5mins at 150 to 180 degrees. And it is just like how it is, crispy crust and butter sponge. It smells so good too.

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Very pretty and good as gifts. Taste wise, besides matcha, the rest is just normal okay to me.

Got these during circuit breaker period. 6 pcs for $12 + $5 delivery. Have tried matcha (i love it), strawberry is cant quite go wrong. The yogurt is refreshing with a tinge of sourness at 1st bite but gradually got used to it.

Finally here to try and thanks to burpple app, i get to try 2 sides. The burnt chicken is spicy so beware for those with low threshold.

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This is so good. Thanks to burpple, the 3 course is so worth it. We can choose any appetiser, one main and one dessert.

The spiced apple tartin is so unique and we enjoyed it surprisingly.

Ordered 红油抄手, pork rib braised rice and intestine mee sua. Redeemed via burpple and added another ala carte main. The wanton skin abit too thick for my liking, not enough braised meat/ rice abit dry. I like the Intestine mee sua the most, the intestines is braised and well flavoured.

It's charred, just probably a little too sweet for me.
Thanks to burpple app, got the tasting menu which all comes in really small portions but at least the main wagyu beef helps to fill us up. Was confused by their new server who gave me wrong info twice and actually dampen the atmosphere alittle.

The ginger chicken is slightly plain in taste but accompanied with the chilli is nice.

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