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Glad that CBTL joined burpple! It would’ve been so expensive otherwise.

I didn’t really like the cold brew, I think it’s an acquired taste. It tasted very smooth at first, but over time the aftertaste wasn’t that great anymore. The hazelnut latte was more typical and my mum and I both preferred that over the cold brew.

Nice ambience and great deal though. Would come back again!

Probably 4th or 5th visit to Stirling Steaks, but 1st time to this outlet! Overall 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Ordered the rare ribeye 200g for 2 of us, with a side of truffle fries. Loved the steak sauce, and the truffle fries were good too! My steak was soft, although my bf’s one had quite a lot of chewy parts.

Comparing to my previous review, seems like they raised the price by a dollar. Still worth it though.

They also serve free iced water so you can save on drinks 😊 customer service has always been good every time we visit.

Would definitely come back here many times over!

Overall 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

My friends and I got 1 x Houjicha and 1 x Black Sesame shaved ice. Super tasty and the toppings that accompanied them were of quality and nice as well!

But as you can see from the photo, they forgot our coconut cheese cap for both :( actually we didn’t realise it till after we left haha. It’s still nice though.

Would definitely bring others here!

Machamps breakfast for dinner! Overall 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Super tasty, although the sausage was a little salty (but I love salty food so it’s totally fine with me). Looks little but the portion is quite generous! Very filling.

Great service and cost ambience as well, they didn’t chase us out even though my friends and I sat there and chatted for quite a bit.

My other friends ordered another Machamps Breakfast, Chilli Crab Pasta and Croissant Dirty Norwegian. Total price for 4 mains was $35+. With burpple 1-for-1, the value was super worth it!

Would 100% come back again!

Got the Spicy Chicken Box and Thyme Duck Box, both with Tom Yum Rice base and Soft Onsen Egg.

The tom yum rice was very tasty and good, and onsen egg was done perfectly. I loved the duck box! The chicken is really spicy though so make sure you can take the heat! Loved the corn and beans that came with the duck box as well.


Got the $12.90 customisable rice bowls which really filled our tummies well!

There was a variety of sides to choose from and generous portions served!

Both rare, one with truffle fries and another with mashed potato. Both sides were great!

Steaks were awesome, though we expected it to be a lot less chewy. Seemed better the last 2 times we were here!

$30.90 is really worth it for 2 steaks though!

Got their normal waffle + Belgian Dark & Mao Shan Wang ice cream.

Came with a few slices of fruits, and the waffle was well made! Flavors were great as well!

But it took a long time to prepare (figure it’s the making of the waffle), and it’s pricey.

- Tom Yam Seafood Linguine x 2
- Australian Marble Striploin 200g with Pepper Sauce
- Buffalo Wings

Tomyam linguine was super good! Loved it. Tasty and served al dente.

Steak was not bad too, though chewy.

Didn’t like the buffalo wings though, wasn’t a big fan of the sauce.

Lives up to its name 👍🏼

Cold açaí with lots of fruits! Got one with honey and another with almond butter.